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WOM FAQ #4: How Do I Become A WOM Authenticator?

WOM Authenticators are absolutely essential to the WOM Ecosystem and are rightfully rewarded with WOM Tokens for their efforts.

Authenticators are crowdsourced members of the WOM community, who validate the honesty and authenticity of product recommendation content that has been submitted for review. Content that passes this peer review process can start earning WOM Tokens for its Creator, as well as the WOM Authenticators who reviewed the content.

This is how we perpetuate a marketing ecosystem that incentivizes people to produce, and review, good quality and authentic product recommendations, which brands and ecommerce platforms can use in campaigns.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Anyone can download the WOM Authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up in a matter of minutes by providing a username, email address and password.
  2. During the sign-up process the app will ask for some basic profile information, some of which is optional, such as gender, while other details, such as age verification, and country (to serve up relevant, local-language content) is required.
  3. To complete the sign-up process everyone must read and agree to the app licensing agreement and accept that any actions that violate the app’s terms will lead to the removal of content and a potential app ban. These are necessary steps that help to protect the community and prevent fraud and abuse and you can read more about this in our previous article or directly through the Terms & Conditions. Finally, you will be prompted to verify your email address before completing the sign-up process.
  4. To get started you need to set up a WOM Wallet. This is how WOM Tokens are collected and stored and these transactions can be viewed at any time by tapping on your WOM Token balance, which is always visible on the screen. You only need to create a Wallet once, and will be prompted to follow instructions via the app when you first log in. All Authenticators are given 10 free stakes to get started.
  5. Once a Wallet has been created you will be presented with a scrolling list of product recommendation videos that have been submitted by Creators and are waiting for review, this is called the In Review screen. You can change the language settings to receive videos in a different language, and can search for specific types of content using hashtags. Each video features a timer to show how much time is left to review the content.
  6. You can tap on any production recommendation video to watch it and will be prompted to give your opinion, using a sliding scale between 1–10, of three attributes of each video:
  • Authenticity — is the recommendation genuine, believable, trustworthy?
  • Creativity — not so much is it pretty, but does it show the product well and is it enjoyable to watch?
  • Positivity — is this a 4* or higher recommendation? Do they really recommend the product?

In order to earn WOM, each time you submit a rating you need to make a small “deposit” in WOM Tokens, called a stake. This ensures that only real and honest authentication ratings are submitted.

If the rating you submit matches the majority of the other Authenticators’ ratings, then you will have your WOM Token stake returned and you can earn additional WOM Tokens. However, if your rating is not in line with the majority, then you will lose your stake.

The Authenticator reward you earn also depends on the time passed since the content was published, how far the review lines up or deviates from the average authenticator evaluation, and the total number of tokens emitted from the “Value Creation Rewards & Economy Scaling” token pool — this is the fund of WOM Tokens available for rewarding Creators and WOM Authenticators.

7. Once you have rated a video it will appear in the Pending screen, while it waits for other Authenticators to rate the content within the remaining time frame.

8. Providing your rating matches the majority, and the majority has agreed that the product recommendation should pass the authentication process, then the content will appear in the Earning screen and you’ll be able to tap on it at any time to see how much WOM you have earned. You can choose to keep hold of your WOM Tokens in your WOM Wallet in case they rise in value, or you can simply withdraw your WOM Tokens to your personal crypto wallet and exchange them for other currencies on participating 3rd-party exchanges. You can also use your WOM Tokens to purchase digital Gift Cards, as well as digital cash cards directly through the WOM Authenticator app.

9. Any videos that are no longer live or that did not pass the authentication process will appear in the Finished screen.

WOM Authenticators are vital allies in the fight against fake content and are duly rewarded with WOM Tokens for their great work. Ready to get started?

Find out more about the WOM Authenticator App

*Read the Terms and Conditions



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