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WOM Protocol Development Update: July 2020

Thus far 2020 has been a very productive and development-intense year for WOM Protocol and the month of July was no exception. The development of both the YEAY app and the other YEAY products are closely aligned with the development of the WOM Protocol. At this stage, both projects are building off the growth and success they share. Therefore, in addition to discussing our WOM Protocol updates, we’ll include the progress of the YEAY team as well.

July saw the recent milestone YEAY app release, delivering an improved layout and a number of essential new features (as listed below).

Here’s a detailed overview of the changelog for July 2020:

Backend: YEAY/WOM

  • Commits: 280
  • Files Changed: 341
  • New lines of code: +9,437
  • Refactored lines: -2,044

Frontend: YEAY app

  • Commits: 45
  • Files Changed: 43
  • New lines of code: +2,015
  • Refactored lines: -1,351

Frontend: WOM authenticator

  • Commits: 53
  • Files Changed: 67
  • New lines of code: +1,619
  • Refactored lines: -703

Frontend: Web-player and Web-recorder

  • Commits: 402
  • Pull requests closed: 115

Frontend: various websites updates

  • Commits: 156
  • Files Changed: 78
  • New lines of code: +7,421
  • Refactored lines: -1,469

Crypto bridge

Upcoming integration with Ethereum public chain: we are currently testing the crypto release, this will allow users to deposit and withdraw the ERC20 WOM token directly from our services.

Performance Payments

The final stage of the WOM Protocol’s creator and validator reward system is currently in the release testing phase. This mechanism will reward high-performing users with daily WOM payments.


  • Integrated higher level of testing
  • Created a better logging subsystem
  • Created comments functionality. Coming soon in the YEAY app
  • Created notifications functionality. Coming soon in the YEAY app
  • Enabled users to follow and search hashtags. Coming soon in the YEAY app
  • Modified the search to be more efficient, quicker and reliable. Users can now additionally use the ‘@’ and ‘#’ operators for user and hashtag queries.
  • Modified the logic for main playlist generation
  • Fixed minor bugs for the upload video flow logic
  • Stabilized the affiliates part of the system
  • Stabilized CI/CD for the whole system

YEAY app:

  • Completed layout redesign
  • Added search screen
  • Added creator profile screen
  • Added creator follow feature
  • Added video save list feature
  • Added activity screen
  • Added bio text editing on profile screen
  • Redesigned content lists and filters
  • Added content sharing
  • Added exciting animations
  • Added small screen device support
  • Improved playlist performance
  • Numerous bug fixes

WOM Authenticator app:

  • Added small screen support
  • Improved staking screen
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Improved the stability of WOM Authenticator app

We also welcomed to the team a new System Administrator and a new Senior Technical Project Manager: Thiago and Artem. Although both have only been with WOM for a short time, they have made a huge impact so far and we’re thrilled to have them on board.

Our team is excited to see all the parts coming together, and we are looking forward to expanding the WOM ecosystem over the upcoming months.

If you haven’t joined the discussion, join us on Telegram and start testing the WOM and YEAY apps with us!

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