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WOM Protocol Development Update: Q1-Q3 2022

As we watch the season pull up its own stakes, we acknowledge that we have not published a development update the entire year! As is our habit, we have been completely immersed in our product development to bring the next generation of Web3 Martech solutions to you. We are in constant communication with our users, creators, customers, and the rest of our community as we continue to develop and refine our products.

This year has seen numerous updates, changes, and new products, in addition to other other project and company milestones and events. Among the non-dev milestones is the listing of the WOM Token on the MEXC Global exchange and the first edition of SUPERVERSE, the largest consumer-oriented Web3 summit connecting creators, entrepreneurs, and artists. Seriously, if you haven’t seen SUPERVERSE yet, check out the Dubai event and stay tuned for future editions!

The BULLZ Campaign Manager + Influencer Collaborations

The biggest product launch in this edition of the Development Update is the BULLZ Campaign Manager with the related creator Collaboration feature launched in the BULLZ app.

With the BULLZ Campaign Manager, Web3 brands can collaborate with creators and influencers to create content, spur excitement, and boost awareness of their brands. Brands create Collaborations, define the parameters, and push the Collaboration live. Creators are notified in the BULLZ app and can choose to participate in the Collaboration, earning WOM Tokens for creating videos and posting them in the BULLZ app, as well as on their social media accounts.

Collaborations and the BULLZ Campaign Manager are the latest addition to the Web3 MarTech suite of products offered by the WOM Protocol.

Telegram and Discord Bots

Another exciting user-facing development is the launch of our Telegram and Discord bots. These bots give brands the ability to enable their communities in Discord and Telegram to upload recommendations to BULLZ directly from Discord and Telegram, without ever leaving the apps.

These recommendations are authenticated and appear in the BULLZ app feed, as well as the WOM Campaign Manager for brands to use on their websites and properties. And of course the creators earn WOM Tokens for their recommendations.


In addition to developing the BULLZ Campaign Manager and related Collaboration features in the BULLZ app, development on the NFT offering also continues. The NFT project, formerly called YAAAS, has continued to grow in scope to become a unique social collaboration and experience platform that will now be launched inside the BULLZ app to further solidify BULLZ as the go-to platform for everything crypto.

Alongside these large developments, we were continually updating, refining, and adding features to the other products in the WOM Protocol library, as well as tightening security, increasing efficiency, and otherwise improving the entire ecosystem. Test coverage increased by 80% across all the projects for backend, frontend and web projects as well.

Now let’s take a closer look at the changelog so far this year. The changelog is divided into three sections:

  1. Changelog in numbers
  2. Development highlights–excluding the NFT marketplace–organized by date
  3. Development highlights of the NFT marketplace

Changelog in Numbers


  • Commits: 4650
  • Files Changed: 4741
  • New lines: +29,325
  • Refactored: −108,477
  • Jira Issues: 398

Frontend Apps: YEAY, WOM Authenticator, BULLZ

  • Commits: 4717
  • Files Changed: 6082
  • New lines: +59,485
  • Refactored: −128,589
  • Jira Issues: 471

Frontend Websites: YEAY, WOM, BULLZ

  • Commits: 1756
  • Files Changed: 3402
  • New lines: +348,896
  • Refactored: −190,687
  • Jira Issues: 674

Smart Contracts: BULLZ

  • Commits: 372
  • Files Changed: 419
  • New lines: +2,655
  • Refactored: −2,143


  • Commits: 11,495
  • Files Changed: 14,644
  • New lines: +440,361
  • Refactored: −429,896
  • Jira Issues: 1543

Development highlights organized by date


  • Add reason quality guideline to rejection reasons in video curation
  • Added notifications to BULLZ app
  • Upgrade apps to flutter 2.8.1
  • Select all languages
  • Option is now presented in the language selection of WOM Authenticator app in BULLZ
  • Users without created wallet now receive a popup when trying to enter the WOM module
  • Add notification counter to profile screen
  • Changed the behavior of saved-to-draft videos
  • SMS now follow Google guidelines for auto detection
  • Added spamming reasons in comment spam system
  • WOM Marketing Toolkit was added to WOM website
  • Bugs Fixed


  • Disabled/deleted users are not shown in search
  • Increased speed of video upload/processing for curation
  • Async upload is implemented in the YEAY app
  • Added withdrawal limit to apps
  • Updated the layout and messages on the Reject Reasons screen
  • Updated the minimum length for videos
  • Improved SMS detection and navigation on signup
  • Various bug fixes


  • Updated Web Recorders Documentation on WOM website
  • Showcased Channel Viewer on the WOM website home page
  • RELEASED Telegram bot for BULLZ app
  • Now users can directly submit videos to BULLZ using telegram app on desktop and mobile
  • Upgraded Biometric functionality in BULLZ app
  • Now the wallet is getting refreshed on swiping the screen from top to bottom


  • RELEASED Discord bot for BULLZ app
  • Now users can directly submit videos to BULLZ using Discord app on desktop and mobile
  • Began development of BULLZ Campaign Manager


  • RELEASED BULLZ Campaign Manager and Collaborations
  • Users can link Twitter to accounts
  • Users can share videos to Twitter and get rewards
  • Prepped to enable users to link Instagram account
  • Prepped notifications for Collaboration feature in BULLZ app
  • Introduced more robust BULLZ app settings options
  • E.g. now you can report an issue, make suggestions and ask to get verified directly from the BULLZ app Settings screen


  • Released notifications for Collaboration feature in BULLZ app
  • Now a user gets notified when the new collaboration is available, etc.
  • Introduced mobile version for BULLZ campaign manager
  • Started integrating YouTube to BULLZ Collaborations
  • Added conversion rates WOM — USD while creating a Collaboration in BULLZ Campaign Manager
  • Added async upload for YEAY web recorder, which ensures that the video is going to be delivered to YEAY even if there is a break in the internet connection
  • Improved Team enrollment flow in BULLZ app
  • Added a security step of Biometric or pin check when entering a wallet section in BULLZ app
  • Began development of Quick Signals for BULLZ app


  • Prepped release of Quick Signals (coming in September)
  • Prepped release YouTube integration (coming in September)
  • Upgraded settings screen for WOM app (coming in September)
  • Upgraded settings screen for YEAY app (coming in September)
  • Introduced notification settings for BULLZ app (coming in September)
  • Upgraded security measures for BULLZ and WOM
  • Upgraded SMS module for all apps
  • Updated create Collaboration flow for BULLZ Campaign Manager

Development highlights of the NFT marketplace

Front End

1. Home page

  • Completed UI design
  • Completed scrolling
  • Completed button actions

2. Discover page

  • Designed the UI
  • Pick and list spotlight challenges, top creators, trending challenges, trending NFTs, hot collections
  • Added date range filtering
  • Added see all functionality
  • Added network merging and filtering based on network

3. Menu

  • Implemented menu items
  • Implemented user balance
  • Implemented network switching

4. Challenge detail page

  • Implemented detail page
  • Implemented submissions
  • Implemented winners
  • Implemented user reports

5. My Challenges

  • Pick the default list
  • Implemented filter design
  • Implemented the filter data and querying
  • Displaying the challenges in cards

6. My Challenge detail

  • Implemented updated page design
  • Show challenge-related data
  • Show submission list
  • Implemented airdropping
  • Implemented denying
  • Implemented withdrawing
  • Implemented data filter and querying

7. NFT detail page

  • Display NFT detail information
  • Implemented direct sale by owner
  • Implemented auction by owner
  • Implemented renew and cancel offer by owner
  • Implemented direct buy by other user
  • Implemented place bid by other user
  • Implemented cancel bid by other user
  • Implemented comment section
  • Implemented user reports
  • Implemented like/unlike
  • Implemented view Challenges
  • Implemented NFT transfer

8. Profile

  • Implemented the whole page design
  • Querying data based on tabs
  • Querying data based on filters
  • Implemented following/followers
  • Implemented network merging and network-specific data
  • Implemented direct chat requests

9. Collection list

  • Implemented the whole page design
  • Implemented search

10. Collection detail

  • Implemented the whole page design
  • Implemented search
  • Implemented filtering

11. Challenge list

  • Implemented the whole page design
  • Implemented search
  • Implemented filtering

12. Messaging

  • List chat list
  • List chat requests
  • Implemented chat request accept/deny functionalities
  • Implemented file sharing in chat

Back End

  • Created tables for data storing for: users, NFTs, Challenges, offers, submits, comments, likes, NFT scanner, spotlight NFTs, tokens, temp storages, bids, collections, comment likes, reports
  • Implemented all necessary endpoints
  • Database functions
  • Filtering queries

Smart Contracts (SC)

  • Challenge SC: creation, airdropping, withdrawing, change fee, change token
  • Exchange SC: add offer, cancel offer, buy nft, place bid, accept bid, etc.
  • Token SC: Set loyalty, set release allowed
  • Test case added
  • Challenge SC: Add support for token challenge and airdropping
  • Added event IDs to track the events

Event Watcher

Event watcher added for the following functions:

  • Create NFT Challenge
  • Create Token Challenge
  • Airdrop challenge
  • Withdraw challenge
  • Put NFT on sale
  • Place bid
  • Cancel bid
  • Renew offer
  • Direct purchase NFT
  • Cancel from sale
  • Accept bid


This is a lot to take in! The first three quarters have been a wild ride and we’re looking forward to the next phases of the WOM Protocol including the NFT marketplace launch, additional SUPERVERSE editions, more WOM Token exchange listings, and more!

As always, THANK YOU to our strong community for your continued support as we revolutionize marketing and bring marketing to the world of Web3.

-The WOM Team


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