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WOM Protocol Development Update: Q4 2021

The last quarter of this year has been the quarter of product launches!

In the space of a few short months we launched a brand new app–BULLZ, launched the entire Word-of-Mouth Marketing Toolkit, and adapted the Toolkit for Shopify to launch a Shopify app. This is not to mention the continual improvements to the WOM Protocol, WOM Authenticator, and YEAY app, and the impending launch of the YAAAS NFT marketplace and mobile app!


The BULLZ app launched in October to much fanfare and is quickly becoming the go-to platform for crypto news, recommendations, and financial education. Creators like melissasantos, jollygreeninvestor, thestockbunny, joeybirlem, gavin_mayo, and blockchainmonkeyz have made BULLZ their home, quickly discovering this new opportunity to monetize their crypto content.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Toolkit

We also launched The Word-of-Mouth Marketing Toolkit in October which includes the Web Recorders, Product Viewer, and Channel Viewer and is controlled via the WOM Campaign Manager.

The Toolkit enables brands to turn customers into brand advocates and increase conversion and loyalty by leveraging crowd-authenticated word-of-mouth recommendations on their websites.

Documentation and implementation instructions are available on the WOM website and now anyone can implement any part of the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Toolkit in under 15 minutes.


As we worked toward the launch of the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Toolkit, we adapted the tools in parallel to meet the needs of Shopify merchants. Last week we launched the Toolkit as the YEAY Video Reviews app in the Shopify app store–immediately available to all Shopify merchants.


Our development teams have grown in the last four months as we focus on the stability of the full WOM Ecosystem and all the apps, platforms, partners, and algorithms therein. One specific focus on the last quarter is QA and QC as we increased our test coverage by 40% across backend, frontend, and web projects.

Below is the list of changes, commits, and new and refactored lines of code:


Commits: 3,600

Files Changed: 3,795

New lines of code: +60,295

Refactored lines: −38,997

Frontend Apps: YEAY, WOM Authenticator, BULLZ

Commits: 607

Files Changed: 2,154

New lines of code: +18,591

Refactored lines: −91,299

Frontend: YAAAS + various website updates

Commits: 8,360

Files Changed: 4,839

New lines of code: +74,071

Refactored lines: -344,348

Smart Contract: Yaaas smart contract

Commits: 265

Files Changed: 374

New lines of code: +3,913

Refactored lines: -2,708


Commits: 12,832

Files Changed: 11,162

New lines of code: +156,870

Refactored lines: -477,352

What do all of these numbers mean? Check out the highlights, as well as a more detailed list below:

Playlist Algorithm

The playlist algorithm for YEAY and BULLZ received a facelift that now calls videos faster and more tailored to the user’s preferences and activities. The playlist can now be better configured by brands via the WOM Campaign Manager as well.

Video Upload Module

For the YEAY and BULLZ apps we also created a more stable module for uploading videos involving TUS and asynchronous uploads. Among other things, this will smooth out issues if a user’s connection drops during a video upload. Video uploads will simply resume when the internet connection is restored.

WOM Authenticator Integrated into BULLZ App

With the next BULLZ app update users will be able to authenticate WOM content directly in the BULLZ app. All of the functionality of the WOM Authenticator app in the BULLZ app will make authentication much simpler for the crypto crowd that enjoys using both the BULLZ app and the WOM Authenticator app to earn WOM Tokens.

With this update, the WOM Authenticator functionality is also able to be implemented into other 3rd party apps as well.

Video Previews on Various Platforms

Now when a user shares a link to a video from BULLZ or YEAY on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or LinkedIn, a short preview is generated and displayed.

YAAAS NFT Challenges

An NFT Challenge is a new way for creators to airdrop NFTs in exchange for certain actions. Creators can give away their NFTs in exchange for promotional services or other actions they define.

Here are many of the additional features, updates, and improvements we made across the various WOM and YEAY properties:

Campaign Manager:

  • Secured budget spendings on campaigns
  • Created integration with Shopify accounts for Campaign Manager
  • Provided additional information for the financial aspects of the Campaign Manager

Word-of Mouth Marketing Toolkit:

  • Released WOM Channel Viewer
  • Released WOM Product Viewer
  • Released YEAY Web Recorder
  • Released BULLZ Web Recorder
  • Released Shopify app that adapts the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Toolkit for Shopify merchants
  • Created documentation and implementation instructions for each web tool

WOM Authenticator App:

  • Stabilized the WOM Authenticator app
  • Upgraded core libraries of the application for iOS and Android
  • Further secured withdrawals
  • Created a module that allows integration into other apps. Now WOM can be integrated into other 3rd party platforms as a frontend integration and/or backend integration.


  • Upgraded notifications redirect into the app
  • Upgraded search module to make it faster and more efficient
  • Added a seamless pagination to the search screen
  • Fixed annoying UI bugs
  • Fixed link sharing in iOS
  • Added numerous analytics events to ensure the understanding of users’ needs
  • Updated Team UI for trusted accounts
  • Added a new reason for rejecting a video
  • Added a quality guidelines section to show the users the examples of good product recommendations
  • Added Liquid Quick Exchange widget to enable users to purchase WOM in-app
  • Added a detailed graph of earnings and spendings in the wallet
  • Upgraded the render of the playlist to ensure the best recommendations for a user
  • Created an asynchronous video upload mechanism
  • Upgraded core libraries of the application for iOS and Android


  • Created an integration with a creator tools for a better video creation process
  • Added the ability for a user to attach a link to the topic discussed in the video recommendation
  • Added the WOM Authenticator into the BULLZ app
  • Created an asynchronous video upload mechanism
  • Upgraded core libraries of the applications for iOS and Android

YAAAS NFT Marketplace

  • Created NFT challenge functionality
  • Created messaging/chat functionality with dedicated channels to discuss contract terms of specific NFTs
  • Created advanced search functionality
  • Created multi-network switching (beta)
  • Improved security levels

We look forward to the beta launch of the YAAAS platform next year, together with the mobile app!

Looking Forward: 2022 and Beyond

In addition to the beta launch of YAAAS (beta), we are looking forward to numerous other product updates and features in the WOM Ecosystem, as well as new partners. We recently published an overview of the next phase for WOM. You can check it out here.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a bright New Year! And, as always, thank you for your continued support as we build the future of marketing!

-The WOM Team

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