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WOM Protocol Development Update: Q4 2022

With the year slowly coming to a close we’ve spent the final months moving the needle ever closer towards our goal — bringing user-generated-marketing to brands and web3 projects. To that effect we have been busy adding to and refining our suite of MarTech products that enable easy collaborations between creators and brands.

This has been complemented by business development efforts to onboard strategic partnerships and brands into the ecosystem, with seven new strategic, integration and marketing partnerships established over the past few months, including IDO platform, Enjinstarter, MixPay and Mixin Network, and DOEX Exchange.


BULLZ hit a major milestone in December with the release of the web version of the platform. This scaling of our multi-platform strategy enables BULLZ to keep increasing web3 accessibility for content creators, by providing the choice to create and share content on any device. The aim is to keep refining our toolkits targeted at the creator economy to foster easy collaboration — and exposure — for web3 projects.

MixPay Integration

In November WOM announced a partnership with MixPay, a decentralized web3 cross-chain payment protocol built on the Mixin Network. This partnership has since enabled the integration of MixPay into multiple products across all wallets, including the WOM Authenticator, BULLZ Campaign Manager and BULLZ Web App.


In addition to releasing the BULLZ Web App and integrating with MixPay across our library of products, we also released the third iteration of our playlist on both YEAY and BULLZ. Version 3 of our playlist has been enhanced with a better, smarter algorithm that learns and adapts to user preferences.

Aside from the more significant updates, we have continued updating, refining, and adding features to the other products across the WOM ecosystem, including support in further languages, improving the flows for account creation and deletion, and adding notifications toggles for controlling notifications.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the changelog for the final quarter of the year. The changelog is divided into two sections:

  1. Changelog in numbers
  2. Development highlights–organized by product

Changelog in Numbers


  • Commits: 1815
  • Files Changed: 1536
  • New lines: +64,351
  • Refactored: −18,354
  • Jira Issues: 88

Frontend Apps: YEAY, WOM Authenticator, BULLZ

  • Commits: 589
  • Files Changed: 1054
  • New lines: +34,581
  • Refactored: −28,446
  • Jira Issues: 78

Frontend Websites: YEAY, WOM, BULLZ

  • Commits: 990
  • Files Changed: 2414
  • New lines: +174,954
  • Refactored: −43,247
  • Jira Issues: 102


  • Commits: 3,394
  • Files Changed: 5,002
  • New lines: +273,886
  • Refactored: −90,047
  • Jira Issues: 268

Development highlights organized by product


  • Updated wallet pin security across all client facing products (apps and web)


  • Displayed exclusive videos on top for team videos
  • Completed global error collection
  • Applied AWS refactoring
  • Added teams for /search endpoint to enable searching for teams by name
  • Updated playlist to version 3 — featuring a smarter algorithm that recognizes user preferences


  • Released BULLZ WEB
  • Added MixPay integration to BULLZ WEB
  • Released new Quick Signals feature
  • Updated playlist to version 3 — featuring a smarter algorithm that recognizes user preferences
  • Displayed exclusive videos on top for team videos
  • Added support for Filipino and Turkish languages in collaboration flow
  • Fixed notification when adding new signals
  • Added notifications toggles — now users can control their notifications
  • Added new flow for share in requested social networks
  • Added a new flow for creating an account asking users for birthday and gender. This also applies to registered users when they open the app
  • Added Terms and Conditions links
  • Updated web link disclaimer
  • Updated video uploading process to enable users to choose a category when they upload a new video — this category automatically becomes the first video hashtag, while the project and topic become the remaining two. Users cannot mistakenly merge hashtags
  • Added detect fake phone numbers logic
  • Added age and gender for registration flow
  • Added new logic for collaboration enrollment process
  • Added new logic for request participation flow
  • Added all transaction types into wallet
  • Released several improvements on categories endpoints
  • Updated the logic of notifying users when the seats are open in collaboration

BULLZ Campaign Manager

  • Displayed exclusive videos on top for team videos
  • Updated notifications for verified users
  • Enabled brands to edit the start date of collaborations before the collaboration starts
  • Added referral links for brands
  • Added new collaboration creation flows with participants and content approval/rejection
  • Added logic for user to leave collaboration
  • Added option to update and change collaboration end date for collaborations in ACTIVE status
  • Added Turkish language
  • Added minimum reward in WOM for creation of collaborations
  • Added user’s socials and followers count on videos submitted to BULLZ
  • Added MixPay integration to Bullz Campaign Manager (BCM)
  • Added a social media info block as an additional service on the landing page


  • Added new flow for account deletion
  • Added change password flow
  • Added new screens for settings
  • Added language support for all languages
  • Added changes into SMS verification on sign up
  • Updated an invitation email
  • Updated validation flow, and added an info pop up
  • Integrated MixPay for all wallets


We want to take a moment to recognize how important our community has been to our growth and ongoing development and end the last update of the year with a heartfelt THANK YOU for your continued support. We look forward to bringing more news and some significant shake-ups to our product offering in the coming months.

-The WOM Team


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