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WOM Token — Community Update September 2018

Welcome to your regular fix of news from the WOM Token team

WOM is building a blockchain-based Protocol that gives brands, content creators, publishers and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendation content on any word-of-mouth platform. WOM does this without any one central party exclusively profiting from the collective value created.

All the Latest News from WOM HQ:

Recent Articles

We believe in the power of word of mouth. Find out why we think it’s the future of marketing by reading our latest articles on Medium:

Additional Advisors

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our advisory team, Richard Wang, partner at DraperDragon Fund, who has over 20 years of business development, technical marketing and sales management experience in the technology space. Prior to DFJ Dragon Fund, Richard served as QunZhong E-Commerce’s CEO and successfully opened up the market, while developing the franchise channel.

TGE, Airdrops and Bounty Campaigns

Our Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place in Q4 2018. More details to follow soon. We do not have any further airdrops planned, however, stay tuned for more news on our upcoming bounty campaign.

Community Update

Our Telegram channel has grown to over 6k members in less than three weeks & thanks to participation in our airdrop, our community grew significantly across all channels. Thank you for all the support! If you aren’t a part of our community yet, join our Telegram Group. (No bots please).

Development Update

We are progressing on schedule for the TGE, and have completed our Dutch Auction Smart Contracts — Certifier, Multicertifier, Vesting, and Auction specifically for the TGE. We are in the process of vigorously testing all of them before handing them over to an external audit firm. As for the MVP, all of the skeleton has been implemented, and Upgradability has been included. We are still fine tuning the details of curation and the numbers for staking, so stay tuned for next months update!

Roadshow Dates

Follow the full roadshow here.

Huge thanks to everyone in our community for the ongoing support.

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