Life’s A Disaster and Then You Die!

This too shall pass…

Melissa A. Matthews
Woman’s Rant


Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

​There’s a clip — a snippet really — of Tom Hanks and a bunch of other A-list celebrity men sitting around a table on Instagram. In the clip, they’re discussing what they wish they knew as younger men. He says “I wish I knew to be patient because everything changes. If things are good, this too shall pass. If things are bad, this too shall pass. No matter what happens, this too shall pass.” That quote lives rent-free in my mind.

Lately, the idea of impermanence seems to permeate most aspects of my life, especially my professional life. I’m decidedly in a transition phase — I cut my hair off, I’m ending parts of my decade-plus-long career, and I’m recommitting to art. Furthermore, the universe seems to be conspiring to remind me that I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

While listening to one of the few podcasts that I indulge in lately, Ratchet & Respectable by Demetria L. Lucas, I was accosted with this reality yet again. The host described a friend of hers — a 38-year-old woman who admitted to feeling untethered and waiting to find her footing before she hits 40. I will be 38 in about two weeks and I listened attentively as she seemed to be describing the exact feeling of discomfort that has been plaguing me. Lucas — 42, leaned in and effectively said some semblance of “It’s not…