The One Lesson I Learned From My Wedding Day

The most important guest you may be forgetting to invite into your life.

Melissa A. Matthews
Woman’s Rant


Author (Melissa Matthews) and her husband| Arima, Trinidad| Photo by Lawrence Moy Hing Photography

Years ago, famed Professor, Shame Researcher, Author, Podcaster, etc., Brené Brown said during an interview with Oprah, “Joy is the most terrifying emotion.” She explained that often we experience what she called a “foreboding joy.” This is the idea that everything is going so well that we expect the other shoe to drop.

Many people seem to be afflicted by this inability to sit in and soak up joy without worrying about what might be on the other side of it. And if I were writing this even a month ago, I might easily count myself amongst them. However, something happened to me and I wasn’t even aware it was happening it at the time. I got married — but this is less about the marriage and more about the actual wedding. Bear with me.

She’s happy.

The author with her family members at the wedding reception| Arima, Trinidad| Lawrence Moy Hing Photography

“You were such a beautiful and HAPPY bride,” my sister-friend of over 20 years replied to the link for the wedding photo gallery. I said “Thank you,” but thought it an odd statement and bandied it about my mind for a while.