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A new NFTs series comes to Womplay!

Everyone saying NFTs are dead should have seen Atomic Hub explode after the launch of the Hero Zero NFT series on Womplay! Inspired by this craze, we went ahead and release the second game-themed series — it’s Tasty Tale!

As this is a very special series, we’ll take a closer look at its specs and attributes! Read on to see how to compare Tasty Tale NFTs besides rarity and how this might aid you in future challenges.

First things first…

The arrival of Tasty Tale NFTs doesn’t mean that the Hero Zero ones are out. You can earn both Hero Zero and Tasty Tale NFTs, so make sure to check your Quest Book! The processes of handling them will also remain the same — you will need your Wombat EOS wallet and Atomic Hub.

Now, let’s talk about the extra stuff!

The Tasty Tale series kicks off with 25 restaurants represented in the game — all of varying rarities. There is an entirely different approach to earning those, too — instead of playtime, you get a chance to receive an NFT when completing a rewarded milestone in the game. And yes, those who played Tasty Tale already can claim those too!

Apart from that, they have a greater range of attributes, making every single non-fungible even more special.

  • Patrons. This attribute shows how satisfied the customers are with the service in the restaurant. High Patrons attribute means the staff is doing an excellent job there!
  • Popularity. A restaurant might provide an excellent service — but it’s not much help if nobody dines in. So popularity is important — the higher it is, the more competitive your NFT will be!
  • Continent. It’s not always easy to tell what kind of cuisine you can expect from the restaurant’s looks alone. That’s why we sorted all of those according to continents where their specialties come from.

Where you can see all of that

If you open Atomic from Wombat’s Explorer — or in a desktop browser with your Wombat extension installed — you should see your inventory there.

Tap or click on it to access all the NFTs you own — then pick one and go to Details. Right under it, you will see both mutable and immutable attributes. Immutable attributes like the name, the visuals & the rarity don’t ever change. Mutable attributes, however, might vary. Patrons and Popularity are both mutable attributes.

How are those calculated?

Both Patrons and Popularity attributes are random — but they are somewhat defined by rarity. For each rarity, there’s a specific value range. The rarer and NFT is, the higher will its min. and max possible value.

Wrapping it up

This second series opens the doors to a whole new generation of NFTs on Womplay — more interactive, more diverse and letting you in on the game’s lore even more. There will be more Tasty Tale NFTs of course — and you can expect more new Challenges with Hero Zero NFTs, too!

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