Alien Worlds is coming to Dungeon Master!

Olga Ivanova
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2 min readApr 6


Hi Dungeoneers,

You know we’re relentlessly working on Dungeon Worlds — but that doesn’t mean that we stopped adding amazing content to the base game. And today, we are happy to announce that the critically acclaimed intergalactic hit Alien Worlds is bringing their NFTs to Dungeon Master!

About the cooperation

Alien Worlds content is brought to you via the Galactic Hubs — a grant system designed to enrich the Alien Worlds ecosystem through third-party add-ons, content creation, lore development and so on. As we typically do not require funding or payment for collection listings, we hope to utilize this grant with maximum benefits for our community.

Currently, Alien Worlds NFTs are scheduled to join the stakeable roster from Season 10 and onwards for both mining power and materials mining. This is not the end of it though — while we cannot disclose any specifics right now, you can fully expect an awesome NFT collab between our two games!

What’s in it for you?

We know a lot of you love Alien Worlds, and we hope this will enrich your experience with both games. On the other hand, we do want to use at least part of the grant for community rewards so even more of you can try out Alien Worlds at no extra cost.

Stay tuned for the news on our upcoming NFT collab and check out Alien Worlds — after all, you gotta plan what you’ll be staking in the dungeons 😉

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