Understanding the basics of the game through Wombat app.

Fauve Altman
Jul 31 · 5 min read

Here we go again, a new addition to the Beginner’s Guide Series — covering the first steps to playing Prospectors.

Personally, I am always on the lookout for new games to play that will grab my attention for more than a day, and I have to say that Prospectors was definitely an eye catcher.

There are a few reasons that this game caught my attention — from all the noise around the game, great graphics, a blockchain multiplayer game and android compatible. Let’s get playin’!

Entering the game

To do so, you can use Wombat’s application through your Android (iOS coming up soon). Wombat is an EOS wallet that offers free EOS accounts, and it really is easy to create your account and access the game. Once you’ve downloaded the application, you’ll need to create your account, login in with your google account, creating your username, where 4 random numbers will be attributed to your username, that is your account’s name.

Once in the application you’ll see banner images at the top, slide them until you see Prospectors and click on it, you’ll be brought to login with Scatter, click that too and here you are, you are in the game!

In the game, so what now?!

I’m sure that if you are like me, you didn’t read other articles about the game how-to’s and features, so you are wondering what to do now that you’ve entered a new universe. Below, is the first screen you’ll see:

The three character icons you see on the right are yours, every new player receives them. Your three workers represent you, with them you can team up in unions or guilds (term often used in multiplayer games) and commercial organizations to communicate with other players and get more work done, to make money, Prospectors Gold, the game currency. Which is needed for basic economic relations among players. Remember, this is a real-time multiplayer game.

The five icons on your left are are actions, tools and jobs that you will need to use or do throughout the game to gain experience and gold. Each icons are:

  • The Market: balance sign, where you can buy and sell resources and tools.
  • Jobs: bolt and hammer, to perform and make gold. Make sure to see the tools required to perform the jobs.
  • Land Registry: scroll and feather, where you can big on a piece of land to (hopefully) own it yourself.
  • Your owned resources: bags.
  • Academy: book with a nib to write, which shows the different buildings you can build and their levels.

Jobs and Gold

Build, mine, produce, unite with others and trade are all the actions that are required from your workers to gain Prospectors Gold.

Most of these actions are done on different plots. Plots are sections on your map that you can buy or rent, but in order to buy or rent you’ll need gold. Why do you need to rent a plot? To mine resources and store them, build buildings with these mined resources and of course, make gold.

Remember that as a new player you do not own any gold nor own any tools.
This will be your first step in the game: own gold and tools. Therefore, the only available jobs for you at the start are transporting jobs. Quite self-explanatory isn’t it? Transport goods from one plot to another. Receive gold once the job is done.

Once you’ve selected a transporting job, you will be able to choose one of your workers to perform the job, the time it will take to perform it and the pay. When you are ready, click the button: Perform. Now, one of your worker is busy, but you still have two other workings turning their thumbs waiting to be assigned to a job. Go for it, assign them to other available transporting jobs and make some gold.

Transfer Gold to PGL Tokens

Wait! What? The gold I make in the game is worth cryptocurrency?!

Yes, you heard that right. Now you own gold, and have the choice to either use it in the game or transfer it into PGL Tokens.

In order to do so, you have to go on the two bolts on the top right of your screen. There, you’ll see your email address and account name on the left and how much you have in gold and how much you have in PGL tokens. On the right side, you’ll have a tab menu with: Deposit — Withdraw — Referrals — Settings.

Deposit gives you the option to send PGL Tokens you own into the game and transfer them in gold. With more gold, you are free to do more in the game. The rich wins (only here). You can stake PGL Tokens on prospectors.io in the Rewards section, which gives you extra PGL tokens that you can then deposit in your game account, and transfer into gold. More gold, means more game interaction.

Withdraw is basically the reverse of deposit, convert your gold into PGL tokens and then exchange them at a decentralised exchange.

Referrals is your referral link to invite others to play prospectors and receive gold. You will receive 20% from tax paid by your referral from rent payments, sold goods and real estate and earned salary.


All in all, this game is very well done, with no issues so far while playing and quite an extensive amount of actions possible. I haven’t had the chance to see many games be this intuitive and easy to play in the blockchain space yet, therefore, seeing how Prospectors is piercing through the innovation of blockchain gaming, I have to bow to their hard work.
I can’t wait to get more comfortable in the game and see where this leads us. On top of that, who doesn’t like to play a game and make tokens.

Make sure to follow Wombat’s and Prospectors twitter accounts for announcements.

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