Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Sword and Magic

Get playing, get fighting. The onboarding process to the game.

Fauve Altman
Sep 24, 2019 · 7 min read

We (I) have decided that beginner’s guide a highly helpful resource for anyone willing to get familiar with a new game and move faster through the initial steps of a game, which can take time when discovering a whole new RPG world, mixed with blockchain infrastructure and quirks from Android or iOS mobiles.

Crypto Sword & Magic is the first traditional RPG game on EOS with a successful rate of 700k MAU (Monthly Active Users) through Facebook (2012–15) . Data of all heroes, equipment, and pets are recorded on the EOS blockchain. The game has a feature where you can play in a group, and your avatar will still be playing even if you aren’t logged in the game directly.

The game has a unique story design as it has 7 acts in its story background, with many more acts to come, the story has been made to have different layers and a more complexed story.

Download Android APK and Play on the go!

  1. Go to Crypto Sword & Magic website through your mobile.
  2. Find Android Download button and click through to download an APK file (this step will be changed in the near future). There is an iOS link as well, but I am focusing on Android as this is my available device.
  3. Once the APK is installed, locate and click the game icon.
  4. In the game landing page, you will be asked to choose between a few wallets, chose Wombat, since it is assumed you are a Wombat user and will be directly connected to your Wombat EOS account to enter the game.

Getting in the game!

It hasn’t been made easy for you dear user to actually get in the game but it is possible and it will happen! After selectin Wombat as your wallet, you’ll see a pop-up bubble saying: Login with Wombat — with two buttons: Cancel or Confirm. If you wish to play, click confirm. Then, another login speech bubble to login into Crypto Sword and Magic through Wombat asking you if you’d like to whitelist this login step for next time (Do it!).

Now you are in the game (yay!), tap yourself on the shoulder after having gone through the steps that come close to airport control. This is what you’ll see:

You’ll have 3 choices for your avatar, Knight, Mage, or Rogue, each with different specifications (Strength, intelligence, defence and luck). Then, make sure to select the name of your hero, aka, your game accounts name. Don’t confuse this to your EOS account name that will also be linked in the game.

Now, you’ve selected your class (avatar category). I chose Rogue as I found it had the best mix of all specs for a character, I wanted to be versatile and not specialised as the Knight or Mage. This page is a little bit overcharged with features and information, however, kudos to the team for how easy and clear this page is to navigate. Now let’s take a look at the options on the bottom of the screen (image above):

  • Hero: Your avatar’s ability, fighting experiences, levels, equipped gear, level and available life (life is generally what permits you to be active in a RPG game).
  • Inventory: What your avatar holds in its bag and on itself.
  • Pet: You may receive or buy pets to help you in your overall health and skills (I cannot wait to get one!).
  • Shop: Self-explanatory really. Where to buy goods, energy, gear. There exist 500+ gears in 5 grades traded in the marketplace. The top trader made 1051 EOS (I wouldn’t mind making that sum).
  • Battle: Where you’ll be able to see the map, where you are on the map, mercenaries, levels for combat and basically everything that involves your avatar in a battle.

Additionally, from what you can see, on the top of your avatar there are 3 available tabs, one which is what we see now Hero Ability, Equip Skill and Skill Training. The third tab Skill Training permits you to select various skills available to your avatar at its level to level up. Not all skills are available, you must gain experience. To train for an attack, you’ll have to select the skill and train your avatar for a specific real-time clock. If you are impatient, you may pay in ruby’s (EOS) to skip the waiting time.

World Map and Battles

In the Battle section, you’ll see the world map and where you avatar is located. Now, your avatar is in Oak Forest 1 for explain, under that you’ll see the levels: Easy — Normal — Hard. Certain levels will be in green and others may have a locks as in the above image. You may select different locations when selecting the right and left green arrows, showing you various map locations that may or may not be available to your avatar depending on the levels required for access. If you feel adventurous, select the world map on the right hand section and see where you stand on the map, you may be able to access to lands in this virtual world and more will be unlocked over time and experience in the game.

The Dungeon section is for automatic battles with random opponents and the top players ranking. You can only enter the dungeon three times a day and daily awards are given to players depending of their rank. At the beginning it may be hard to fight in the Dungeon when you don’t have experience, at least my avatar lost quickly its 3 daily fights..haha!

The third tab to pay attention to is the Raid one. You get to play to earn;C the latest winner reaped a total of 102 EOS in 6 weeks. A section where you can see when the next big game real-time challenge will be open, the amount to be won and the amount of heroes (players) in queue for accessing the challenge. On the bottom left, you’ll be able to see an exclamation point white on red. The image above is the message given by the team of how the raid section functions, compensation, rules.

I was wondering what this page was all about but it took me just a few seconds to realise that the team catered to my needs of a new user with a help section on the page. Your gaming account

I’d like you to take a look now at all the previous images and this one image above. Can you spot the difference? No? Maybe? I’ll tell you what! On the top left, you’ll Wombat’s logo with your Wombat’s account name and under it your Crypto Sword and Magic account name or your hero’s name. In the previous images, the Wombat’s logo had a red spot on it, that reminded me of notifications alert seen on Android, just in a different colour.

Curiosity peaked, I clicked. This section is divided in a few tabs, but basically a section that is more related to your EOS account, the CPU and RAM used and available, but with a game function to it as well: your game inbox. I had a message! Crypto Sword and Magic in partnership with Wombat had sent a message to all new users of the game and given them a little welcoming gift, a pet.


I haven’t had this much fun in a long time accessing and playing a new game. My initial expectations from the onboarding in the game (3–4 steps) was totally reducing my motivations, but while playing, and discovering the vast amount of features in this game, and how clear everything is laid out for you, I was more than thrilled to get playing. Additionally, the team seems to be always working in updates, new features and in-game announcements, which makes it exciting to come back in the game and see what is new.

The team really did a good job focusing on the users gaming experience, even if there are many features, there is a pretty good flow going through all of them and understanding them. No one likes being in the dark about what to do in a game. One major critic would be about a few typos found in the game and in the sale section, why would EOSIO logo be there instead of a design relevant to the game?!

The auction and bidding sections will be covered in a later issue. Stay tuned!

Make sure to follow Wombat’s and Crypto Sword and Magic twitter accounts for announcements.

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