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Fauve Altman
Nov 12 · 5 min read

Remember when the craze for candy crush happened? I do, and I couldn’t wrap my head around why everyone, but I mean, literally everyone was playing this game obsessively. Part of me was curious, but my (potentially misplaced ego) made me not try the game because I wanted to go “against the general hype” — talk about personal logic here (haha). Anyway, enough about my ranting, since I have been in the blockchain space for some time now, and it is highly dominated by epic games, I ended up being curious about Candy Pop Duel, the doppelganger of Candy Crush but with a double twist: rewards and duel format. The goal is to obtain more points than your opponent to win the game. You have 2 minutes to play — No time to waste!

Similar as in Solitaire Duel created from the same company: NEOWIZ PLAY STUDIO Blockchain Lab, you can play the game with both EOS and SLT. If you have SLT obtained from playing Solitaire Duel, you can use those tokens to play Candy Pop Duel as well.

Special Candies

As with other well-known Match 3 games, you can create special candies by matching 3 or more candies in various shapes. You can expect great ripple effects activating these special candies.

There are four types of special candies (see images below), and truth be told, you want as many of them as possible as they will help you gain more points much faster.

Super Combinations

There are a multitude of combinations you can do with the special candies to win more points. The game goes very fast, and combinations will happen over time while you are playing. You can go on the game info to see each and every combination you can try to achieve, but first, I would get comfortable with seeing colors and patterns in the game if this is your first time playing. The pace of the game is pretty fast, it may be hard to strategize at first as you will lose time, and here, as it is a competition, time is crucial.

My rule of 8

  1. Start your candy popping at the bottom. When you create matches near the bottom of the level, you can easily create chain reactions to destroy more pieces and get a good amount of points. Focusing too much on the top of the screen will limit you in moves and you’ll have greater chances of being stuck at some point, also not creating special candies, therefore, no combination, therefore no points.
  2. Don’t follow game suggestions blindly. If you don’t make a move for a few seconds, the game will suggest you a move by circling the candies in white. This is useful if you are stuck, especially for newer players, but don’t automatically use these matches because they do not always offer you the best option for combinations.
  3. Try to think ahead when possible. If you just make every match you can see without thinking, you’ll fail the harder levels. Look at how the candies are laid out and think about the moves you can make to create a follow up of actions where super candies are created and combinations are made.
  4. Make special candies and learn how to use them. Matching three candies together only clears those candies, but matching four or five creates a special candy. These special candies are the key to beating harder levels and winning against your opponent.
  5. Look for combos, and use the best ones. Combos, like swiping a color bomb into a striped candy, are extremely powerful. If you can maneuver special candies together, they do a whole lot more good together than they would alone.
  6. Use and make striped candy the right way. Striped candy can have horizontal or vertical stripes. The direction you swipe your finger to create the candy matches the direction of the stripes, and the candy will clear a line horizontally or vertically that matches its stripes.
  7. Prioritize specific obstacles. In every match you’ll play, there will be obstacles for you to get rid of (chained, boxed or iced candies). To get rid of them, simply make them part of a chain of candies of the same kind. If you don’t get rid of them, you’ll run out of moves, it will block you and you will get frustrated. No one wants that to happen! I got stuck a few times with iced candies on the edges…not fun!
  8. Focus on edge obstacles. It’s harder to get rid of the obstacles on the edges, so if you have threats there, make sure to get rid of them as fast as possible. You’ll have more space all over the grid to play.

Here is an extra Golden Rule: Have loads of fun! So yes, I did end up getting quite hooked to this game. See you on the other side of the screen!

You don’t have an EOS wallet? Don’t worry, Wombat got you covered, just download the iOS app or Android app or even their web browser extension. It’ll take you less than 1 minute to create your new EOS account and wallet.

Make sure to follow Wombat’s twitter account for new features and partnerships announcement. For any feedback and inquiries, their telegram community will be waiting for you and always available to answer your questions!

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