EOS Knights Cup starting on September 6th (sponsored by Wombat)

Jan Zedel
Jan Zedel
Sep 5, 2019 · 2 min read
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Listen up everyone, the 8th EOS Knights Cup is starting tomorrow on September 6th at 12:00 UTC! The Cup lasts seven days until the 13th of September 12:00 UTC. During that time you can compete with other players for attractive prizes. All you need to participate is 3 Knights. In case you don’t have 3 Knights already, Wombat got you covered. Every new Wombat account gets all 3 Knights for free so that you can start right away and save 0.7 EOS. In order to receive the Knights just install the EOS Knights Android app and use Wombat as your wallet. Find out more about our 3 Knights-giveaway here, set up your Wombat account and get ready for competing.

Why play the EOS Knights Cup?

Taking part in the EOS Knights Cup is a must for everyone who loves not only the game itself but blockchain gaming in general. With the EOS Knights Cup you can enjoy the most played game of all time on EOS while earning one of the following rewards:

  • First person to craft “King’s Armor” receives 30 EOS.
  • Every player who ranks among the top 100 in regards of reaching the highest floor receives 1.5 EOS.
  • Earn “Magic Water” faster than usual, giving your game aside the Cup a boost.

Since Wombat removes all entry barriers it has never been easier to participate. Wombat creates your EOS account for free, provides and scales needed resources automatically, provides 3 Knights for free — your entry to the Cup — and ensures the best user experience out there. For those of you who have never played EOS Knights before we highly recommend you check out the EOS Knights beginner’s guide.

So don’t wait, get your game on and rock the Cup. Also make sure to be up to date and follow our twitter and join our telegram group to catch up with other players from our community.

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