Exclusive for Wombat Users: Free Knights Giveaway

Jan Zedel
Jan Zedel
Sep 2, 2019 · 3 min read
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Dear Wombateers, we are proud to announce a new Wombat exclusive goodie. Together with our friends and partners from EOS Knights we have decided to grant every EOS Knights player who uses Wombat an ultimate advantage to kickstart their game. As of now (2nd of September), every new Wombat user receives three knights (worth 0.7 EOS) for free and right from the start. Usually, users only get the first knight for free. With this giveaway we want new users to try out this great dApp. EOS Knights is the most-played game of all time in the EOS ecosystem. By offering this deal exclusive to Wombat users, the EOS Knights Team encourages their players to use the Wombat wallet for best usability.

What you need to do to receive your knights

All you need to do to receive your knights is to play the EOS Knights android version and pick Wombat as your wallet of choice. This is applicable for all accounts who haven’t played EOS Knights before. If you have an account already but not played EOS Knights with it, just start playing. Download Wombat if you don’t have an account yet and don’t worry about the account creation process. Wombat offers 100% free and automated EOS account creation. Entering the Blockchain world has never been easier. Wombat also provides and scales the resources needed for using the EOS infrastructure automatically, so you never have to worry about anything other than playing EOS Knights.

Why does playing with three knights give you an advantage in the game?

Sooner or later every serious EOS Knights player wants to have three knights and be fully equipped. That’s because it accelerates your progress in the game significantly. Having all three knights leads to longer rounds and subsequently less time spend for reviving them. By prolonging this time the amount of magic water and materials you receive per round multiplies by three. In order to reach higher levels in the game having three knights is almost without any alternative.

Normally equipping yourself with three knights does not come for free. With a price of 0.2999 EOS for the second and 0.3999 EOS for the third knight, Wombat now saves you about ~0.7 EOS which you can instead invest in items on the marketplace to be even more ahead of the game.

Moreover, three knights are also required to play the EOS Knights dungeons modus as well as participating in the EOS Knights Cup in which you can win up to 150 EOS.

Wombat is sponsoring the upcoming EOS Knights Cup

Speaking of the EOS Knights Cup — Wombat will be sponsoring the upcoming Cup which will start on the 6th of September. Prepare yourself for this event by setting up Wombat on your mobile device. With Wombat you will be able to jump right into competition. All competitors will have the same chances of winning, no matter the skill level. But time is an important factor in the Cup so being good to go right from the start is advantageous.

For updates regarding Wombat, the EOS Knights Cup and more exclusive deals stay tuned on our Twitter. Also make sure you join our community on Telegram.

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