Free Wombat wallet is coming to Chrome

Alexander Gutjahr
Oct 10 · 2 min read

Today we are excited to share with you the newest addition to the Wombat family: the Wombat Chrome Extension.

There are many great dApps available out there, such as Prospectors or the pixEOS Game Center. These dApps are offering a great experience and we think it shouldn’t be limited to mobile. With the Chrome extension you can now start enjoying these dApps on the desktop!

How to get it?

All you need is an existing Wombat account, created with our Android or iOS app. Just go to the Chrome Web Store and download the extension. After logging in you are ready to start using your favorite dApps. Wombat will securely recover your private key from the Google Drive backup and encrypt it using a passphrase that you have to chose after enabling the extension.

What is cool about it?

Just as in our mobile apps, the extension provides a wallet, the explorer and the settings view. The wallet displays your current EOS balance and enables you to buy EOS via credit card.

The explorer lists our favorite dApps which are tons of fun to use. Of course all other EOS dApps can be used as well. You will even be able to use your existing whitelist, which is synced with your Wombat account. If you haven’t set up a whitelist yet, make sure to download the latest Android or iOS version and get started!

Hello Chrome!

Why does it matter?

Wombat is all about great UX and helping everyday users to enjoy dApps with ease. We want to remove all entry barriers for first-time users and want to make EOS dApps more accessible. This is why Wombat is for free and why Wombat takes care of resource staking, covering you even during CPU price spikes — all while making sure you don’t have to worry about the technical details.

The logical next step for us was to not just limit users to their mobile phones but also allow them easy desktop access. There are many dApps that are just more fun on desktop due to larger screens and sometimes better control.

We hope that the extension enriches your experience. Let us know what you think! Make sure to follow our Twitter account for feature and partnership announcements. For any feedback and inquiries, our Telegram community will be waiting for you!

Install the Chrome Extension

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