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How to play Upland and earn NFTs

Hey Womplayers! In collaboration with Upland, one of the hottest blockchain games out there, we recently dropped a new earnable NFT collection! Coming to Womplay, the Upland block explorers will help you score high in Challenges and Missions and of course secure your completion bonus! Let’s take a closer look at them.

What are Upland NFTs?

Upland NFTs are rewards issued for your accomplishments in Upland. They draw from the game’s unique style and content and, together with Hero Zero and Tasty Tale NFTs, help you advance on the platform.

Similar to other Womplay NFTs, the Upland ones are divided into 5 rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Every rarity tier comprises five unique designs, so in total, there are 25 different Upland NFTs you can collect. We’re particularly fond of the Legendary Unicorns — just look how awesome they are!

How can one earn Upland NFTs?

You can earn Upland NFTs every time you spend UPX in the game in the primary market. Meaning, every time you buy something from the game itself — for example, a property that had no previous owners, a ticket for transport, a treasure chest, etc. — your purchase will count towards the quest progress. Note that the actual UPX spend counts, not the Wombucks you earn for it.

There are several UPX spend milestones that may trigger an Upland NFT reward:

  • 10,000 UPX
  • 20,000 UPX
  • 30,000 UPX
  • 40,000 UPX
  • 50,000 UPX
  • 100,000 UPX
  • 250,000 UPX
  • 500,000 UPX (repeating)

These thresholds are not cumulative. Meaning, if you spent 10,000 UPX and moved on to the next Upland NFT quest, you will start with a 0 UPX, not with 10,000.

Can one use these Upland NFTs in Upland?

We’re extremely excited about Upland recently announcing the NFT Portal — and it’s a much needed step for the metaverse to develop further. We will continue working hard with Upland to enable you to use your NFTs in the game itself. But as of the time we published this post, there is no possibility to take the NFTs you earn on Womplay to Upland.

Wrapping it up

With Upland being the fourth NFT game-inspired collection, we will continue to push for new games joining the lineup and expanding on the existing collections. We hope to introduce another game to the world of NFTs soon — so stay tuned for updates!

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