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Adrian Krion
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2 min readFeb 28, 2023


Update from 07.03.2023: locked staking is now available on Polygon as well.

Dear Wombat Family,

You asked for it, and we heard you — we’re proud to announce that the Wombat app now supports Locked $WOMBAT Staking. With that, you can gain additional $WOMBAT tokens on top of your VIP perks!

Where can I stake?

Go to https://staking.wombat.app and choose to stake on WAX or Polygon. Once you’re logged in, choose “Locked” to find the new Locked Staking options:

Choose how long you want to lock in your $WOMBAT tokens and the desirable amount, and off you go!

How are the rewards calculated?

The reward percentage is the annualized reward you would get. However, since e.g. the 6-month duration is only about half a year, the total rewards you’ll get for that period is about 6% of your locked $WOMBAT amount.

How are rewards transferred?

In order to get your rewards, you can scroll down on the staking page to find your Locked Staking positions which look like this:

Example for a Locked Staking with 100 $WOMBAT locked for 90 days

Click on the position and you’ll see a button to claim the rewards accrued since your last claim.

How will you get back your tokens back?

Once the locking period is over, you’ll be able to claim your tokens back and/or re-stake them.

How does this work with the VIP system?

Locked $WOMBAT counts towards the VIP status, just like Flexible tokens. Even after the locking period has ended, your previously locked tokens will still tally towards your VIP status until you claim them back. Claiming them back will not be subject to the 7-day unstaking period of the flexible staking.

We are thrilled to finally put out a more advanced DeFi product, and we hope this will go a long way to add value to you as $WOMBAT holders. We look forward to your feedback about it and suggestions on how we can further improve $WOMBAT staking!

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