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Aug 9 · 2 min read

As of release 1.0.9 we are excited to announce that Wombat now supports dApp tokens of selected dApps. This means that users can see all tokens at a glance in their wallet and can easily receive and send these tokens to other EOS accounts. This feature gives every user full transparency and flexibility with regards to dApp tokens.

Which tokens are supported?

Initially all native tokens of our partners and all relevant tokens of dApps available in Wombat’s explorer are supported including: PIXEOS, PVP, MAIL, SLT, CHEX, IQ, NDX and PGL. We focused on our partner dApps first and will add more and more tokens over time when the demand is high enough.

Wallet screenshot

What can I do with my dApp tokens?

Now, you can see your tokens directly in your wallet and transfer them to anyone you like. Of course you can always trade your tokens through Wombat (e.g. on NEWDEX), you can stake tokens within your dApps to earn extra payouts (e.g. staking PIXEOS) or you can just use your tokens to make in-dApp purchases.

Staking pixEOS

What is next?

Over time Wombat will not just add more tokens but also support digital assets like NFT’s of selected dApps. For example, if you plan to buy avatars or other game items in the collectible and battle game Chain Clash you will see all your avatars (which are based on the dGoods) listed in your wallet next to your tokens. We are looking forward to that feature because it just illustrates the new possibilities that come with blockchain, for example the true ownership of digital assets like in-game items.

Make sure to follow our twitter account for feature and partnership announcements. For any feedback and inquiries, our telegram community will be waiting for you!

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