Prospectors challenge: 5.500 PGL for most active Wombat users

Jan Zedel
Jan Zedel
Aug 16, 2019 · 2 min read

It’s on! Wombat is conducting a Prospectors challenge from 19th (8 am GMT) to 26th of August. Top 20 participants will receive a total prize of 5.000 PGL tokens. The winner of the challenge will get an additional 500 PGL.

The challenge is simple:
Play Prospectors as much and long as possible.

Why Prospectors?

Prospectors is currently the number one most played game across all blockchains and certainly one of our favorites. Being a real-time multiplayer game with nice graphics and well-thought-through economics, it sets the bar high for games to come in the EOS ecosystem. For those of you who haven’t played Prospectors already — the theme of the game is: “America at the time of the gold rush”, and your goal is to find, earn and dig for gold. The gold hunt requires you to mine resources, craft items, construct buildings, conduct jobs, team up with others and many more actions. The complex world of Prospectors has a lot to discover. Read up on our beginner’s guide for Prospectors to get a more detailed overview of the game.

Our favorite aspect is that in-game assets can be turned into cryptocurrency and vice versa — allowing for profitable gaming. We want to share our excitement for Prospectors and encourage you to test it out or deep-dive into the game mechanics.

How can you participate?

You can take part in the challenge by playing Prospectors through Wombat. Wombat allows for free EOS account creation. If you don’t have an account yet, now is the time to get Wombat up and running on your Android device. We will measure your engagement/activity by the number of blockchain transactions you’re signing in Prospectors. In order to be among the top 20 most active users you just have to progress within the game and play on a frequent basis. That’s it! Easy, right? So do what you would do anyway, but get extra rewards.

To keep everyone informed about the current rankings, we will post and update the leaderboard on twitter and telegram on a daily basis. Once the winners are determined, we’ll transfer the prizes directly into the corresponding Wombat wallets.

Good Luck to all you Wombaters out there! Let the gold rush begin!

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