Rule of thumbs on how to play PixEOS Paint: The Arcade.

From Tetris in 1984 to its new blockchain mobile version

Fauve Altman
Oct 9, 2019 · 5 min read

The game definitely brought me back to when I was a little kid playing Tetris on my first gameboy, well, the obsession is still here and I want to share my best insight for you to devore the game like me! As part of the beginner’s guide series , I’ll be covering a few rules of thumbs on how to play successfully PixEOS Paint: The Arcade and understand all the features of the game.

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Let’s stack those blocks!

How does the game work?
First you’ll be asked to chose to play as a single player or if you wish to enter a multiplayer game, playing with another random opponent.

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I started with the Single Player option to gain some experience first and get acquainted with the game. Below you’ll see an empty grid, this is your game page, the highscore section on the top left is your best game score, then your game score of the presently played game, and on the top right the points in the blue bubbles are rewards points you’ll be able to claim as reward points, which can be used to buy boosts and packages (read below).

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Game screen with score, reward points and boosts

The game is basically like Tetris with a few new features to it and with rewards (who doesn’t like that). The goal of the game is to gain as many points as possible by placing colored tiles all over the grid. You receive three puzzle pieces to insert in the grid at a time, once you have a horizontal or vertical line full with the colored blocks, this line will empty itself up and free space for your blocks, if you fill in the grid without being able to eliminate any lines of tiles, your game will end and it’ll be game over for you!

Your best friends: Boosts!

On the below image at the bottom of the screen, there are five designs, each representing a boost, its action and how many are available in your account.

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The Shop
  • Blast: 1/4 of blocks vanish — Cost 5 PIXEOS tokens
  • Eraser: Erase line and column — Cost 10 PIXEOS tokens
  • Scrambler: Refreshes play blocks — Cost 25 PIXEOS tokens
  • Doubler: Double points for 30 seconds — Cost 50 PIXEOS tokens
  • Hypernova/Nova: Implodes all blocks — Cost 100 PIXEOS tokens

Other packages:

  • Artists supplies: Paint your canvas with 1 unit of each Booster.
  • Honorary artist: 1 Daily Pack + 1 Extra Life for an entire week!

Here are a few tricks to last as long as possible:

  • Play Singleplayer to collect point and use points to buy the “Honorary Artist” package in the shop as it will pay off once you gain more experience to play Multiplayer and put all the chances on your side for winning the big rewards!
  • Build up multiple stacks and solve them with one key (number of points rise exponentially).
  • How to get those rewards points? You’ll see some tiles changing color, these will give you your claimable reward points if you snatch them before it's too late by completing the line they are in.
  • Always get you daily reward for free and never forget to stake your access pixEOS for dividends.
  • Corner pieces back in their corner! Always put the corner pieces in each corner as this already fills up your lines quite well without losing space. It is important to work gradually from side to side or bottom to top or vice versa. Keep space in the center for 3x3 blocks are those require a lot of space and if you can’t play them you’ll lose the game.
  • If I see that my grid is getting full without being able to free up lines, before the game ends then use a boost. Use the Hypernova/Nova (bottom right) or the Blast boost (bottom left) as they’ll empty your grid fully or partially and you will be able to continue to play without losing your points.
  • If you play Multiplayer, since the rewards are much bigger, I’d make sure to be prepared for your best game by stocking up on a few boosts to help you last as long as possible. These little goodies do come in handy!

Suggestion for the team

The variety of games available on the platform and the cool retro designs make the games highly engaging, however, there lacks a little bit of explanation within the game regarding its features and how to play. Which leaves the player (I in this case) slightly clueless as to what are the best practices and tools available to me. It would be great that the player gets redirected to the shop section for the explanation of the game boosts or a quick speech bubble when tapping on that specific boost. If the user doesn’t have the intention to spend, they won’t necessarily go immediately to the shop section and know that this is the location for a few more game details.

I am simply sharing my experience of the game, which may very well be different for someone else. Keep up the good work!💪

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Artwork on pixEOS paint created by a user during the Wombat logo contest

Download Wombat & play pixEOS Paint: The Arcade

The easiest way to play the game is to download the EOS wallet Wombat. Just sign up with your email address and you are ready to go, including a free EOS account and staked resources. Open the app, go to the app explorer and select the pixEOS Game Center. Voilà, you are ready to play PixEOS Paint: The Arcade and beat the best score.🎮

Make sure to follow Wombat’s twitter account for feature and partnership announcements. For any feedback and inquiries, their telegram community will be waiting for you and always available to answer your questions!

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