Solitaire Duel Challenge: 50 EOS for the most active Wombat users

Jan Zedel
Jan Zedel
Aug 30, 2019 · 3 min read

Attention everyone, Wombat will start the Wombattle Series which runs regular competitions and challenges for attractive token prizes on high-quality and fun gaming dApps. To kickoff the series Wombat will run a Solitaire Duel challenge. Yes, you read right. We are giving away great prizes to all our Wombateers participating, this time with a total worth of 50 EOS. The challenge is all about one of our favorite games and our new partnerSolitaire Duel. The Solitaire Duel Challenge will be held from the 9th of September 12 pm GMT (noon) to the 13th of September 12 pm GMT (noon).

As history tends to repeat itself, the challenge is again about YOU enjoying a great dApp to the maximum. In order to win you just have to:

Play Solitaire Duel as much as possible.

How to participate?

Every participant needs to play Solitaire Duel with Wombat. If you have not heard of it already — Wombat offers free EOS account creation! Simply install Wombat on your Android device and you are good to go for the challenge. Every transaction you make when starting a new round of Solitaire counts. We will reward the three most active players of each tier (measured by games played in total during the time of the challenge) with the following prize splits:

  • Place 1.-3. in the Wood-Tier: 1 EOS
  • Place 1.-3. in the Bronze-Tier: 2 EOS
  • Place 1.-3. in the Silver-Tier: 3 EOS
  • Place 1.-3. in the Gold-Tier: 4 EOS
  • Place 1.-3. in the Diamond-Tier: 5 EOS

Additionally we offer 1 EOS to the first five users who win 5 games in a row and post their game history as a proof on our Twitter. Daily updates of the current leaderboards will be provided on the same channel. Winners can expect to have the prizes transferred to their corresponding Wombat account, shortly after the challenge is finished.

Stay tuned and be ready when the Solitaire Duel Challenge starts on September 9th. We hope you will enjoy to take part and wish you good play!

Why Solitaire Duel?

The WHY is easily explained. Solitaire Duel is truly a well developed and fun to play game as it combines a classic combinatorial game with a PvP approach. As if this was not enough, it is also blockchain based and players can earn cryptocurrency by winning against competitors who compete on different skill levels — what more can you expect from a dApp? For those of you who are not familiar with Solitaire Duel we recommend you read our Beginner’s Guide or make your first steps yourself by playing a couple of free rounds exclusively provided to new users. Our Guide also contains a few useful tips on how to get the best out of your game, so read up on it. Since Wombat’s wallet supports not only EOS but also Solitaire Duel’s native SLT token, you have easy access to all tokens you earn during your in-game winning streaks.

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