The ultimate guide to earning EOS with Crypto Dynasty — part I

Adrian Krion
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7 min readMar 4, 2020


Many players log into Crypto Dynasty daily just for the fun of it, but just as many love earning EOS by playing it. We created a series of guides to profitable playing on Crypto Dynasty. This time, we’ll be focusing on the basic routines plus some tricks to aid you right from the start. Happy reading!

Getting started

I will skip the introduction to what Crypto Dynasty is; if you need more information on that, find our introductory article and the basic guide. Here, we’ll be diving straight into the playing process. All you need to get going is the Wombat app installed on your mobile phone and an EOS account created, as well as the Crypto Dynasty app.

Now, if you haven’t played Crypto Dynasty yet, you will want to learn the ropes first. The tutorial is a good place to start (go to Menu -> Help -> Tutorial to find it). But there’s nothing scary about just clicking all the buttons and trying everything out yourself.

First, I recommend you get a 3000 Tiger Rune boost (you’ll want to have as many Tiger Runes as you can for a long time playing the game). That only requires two things:

  1. On the “March” screen, tap “Gift Pack”, go to “Gift” and “Obtain” your Wombat Gift of 2000 Tiger Runes
  2. In the Menu, go to “Referral bonus”, enter wombatwallet as a referrer and confirm/ This gives you another 1000 Tiger Runes

Now that’s out of the way, let’s go over the basic mechanics. You’ll be spending most of the time in combat or ‘Marches’. The game is essentially about a conquest of different lands, so your (up to 3) Heroes need to march and fight. In each round, your Heroes defeat a number of enemies depending on their strength. After every march, each of your Heroes brings back Tiger Runes and material. The more enemies they kill during a march, the more Tiger Runes and the better material you can get. The material you get is actually randomized, but more kills give you higher chances to find more valuable material. In addition, these drop rates depend on the Luck attribute of your Heroes (the higher, the better).

Every 10 kills per march get you an additional castle, and your maximum castles are the best measure of progress in the game. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, you’ll get a feeling for how it works really quickly.

Because of these dynamics, it makes a ton of sense to have all 3 Heroes available throughout the marches. You will have to spend 0.6 EOS to obtain the two additional Heroes, but if you’re considering playing Crypto Dynasty strategically, it is totally worth it.

The material you get from marches can be used for a number of things:

  1. You can craft items (Equipment) which boost the attributes of your warriors
  2. You can sell them on the marketplace (the rarer the material, the more expensive they will get)
  3. You can craft tickets which are used for Travels and Boss Raids (this is a bit more advanced, we’ll get to that later)
  4. You can “melt” the material to obtain a few additional Tiger Runes

The one thing you should immediately spend some Tiger Runes on are “Mounts”. These are pets which give your Heroes a bunch of extra boosts. You would want to have one mount per Hero, plus at least one mount to send on Explorations at any given time, so make sure you use 4000 Tiger Runes for the “Advanced Mount * 5” summoning and hope to get some nice mounts. Prioritize the ones which boost Attack, Defense or Health (in that order of priority) to equip your Heroes with at the beginning of the game. If you’ve bought more Tiger Runes through one of the Beginner Packs, the ‘Super Mount’ Summons are a good way to go as they give you higher-grade Mounts, but still make sure to get those Advanced Mounts so you have a bunch of ‘Rare’ Mounts to fill up the Explorations.

The routine

Most of the time, your routine will include:

  • Logging into the game
  • Marching to collect your material
  • Checking your mounts, calling them back and sending new ones to explore
  • Checking whether there’s anything helpful to forge
  • Melting your exceed materials

Once you’ve got to the point in the game where you constantly generate higher-grade material which you don’t use to forge better equipment, you can also start crafting tickets and participate in the boss raids.

Around that time (or a bit later), you can also start participating in the Arena. The Arena is a nice feature to make some extra EOS, but will only be relevant once you’re really good in the game. With that in mind, I will postpone covering the details about the Hero Skills and Formations — you can play around with those yourself, there’s little harm that can be done.

Make sure that you level up your Heroes whenever you can. This will unlock better equipment and higher castles for you. The higher castles you achieve, the more Tiger Runes and the better materials you will get. The value of these grows with each castle you conquer.


Whenever you choose to Forge equipment from your materials, there are four basic rules:

  1. In the beginning, you want to focus on Attack as much as you can, so create items that have the highest values in Attack. With weapons, you always get that, but you can optimize your Accessoires specifically in that direction
  2. Use equipment according to the levels of your warriors — if your warriors are level 2, try to equip them with items that require level 2, etc
  3. When you forge equipment, look out for the ones with a high percentage grade
  4. Level up your equipment; if you have multiple instances of the same equipment, synthesize them into the higher percentage grade and level that one up using Tiger Runes — this can result in lower-value equipment becoming super powerful

A special case for the above rules are armor and weapons from the Darksteel set. These only require warrior level 4, so as soon as you reach that, they are one of the highest-impact equipment you can have (even without having the entire set).

Jumping the line

If you want to make progress quickly, you will have to spend a bit of EOS; obviously, the more EOS you’re willing to spend, the faster your progress will be. Apart from buying the archer and the mage (if you are willing to spend any EOS on the game, spend it there, first), the best possible deal you can get are the Beginner Gift Kits. Go to Gift -> Beginner and choose the one that fits your budget. As you can only buy a Beginner Kit once, make sure to buy the biggest one that you can afford.

If you’ve purchased one of the Beginner Kits, you’ll have (at least) one “Double EXP card”. Go to the Item screen and apply the EXP card immediately. This will allow you to level up your warriors really quickly at the start and you can start using higher-grade equipment.

As for the equipment itself, head over to Equipment -> Handbook to educate yourself about which options you have. At the very beginning, it makes sense to forge and purchase swords (“light weapons”) as they can be carried by any of your warriors and you can switch once one of them gets something better. Later on, you will want to specialize on their special weapons as they generally provide for better stats.

Equipment for early progress is fairly cheap. An investment of 1 EOS can get you a lot of good items — as an example, a level 5 Darksteel Claymore is available for about 0.3 EOS (at the time of writing) and has a base Attack value of up to 900! It gets much more expensive later on, but you’ll also be able to make much more EOS from selling material / equipment and your rewards.

TKT Tokens & Military Ranks

TKT Tokens are the reward currency of Crypto Dynasty. You basically get them for every EOS you spend within the game, but you can also get free TKTs from ‘Mining’ or other activities. Essentially, you get 500 TKT per each 1 EOS spent in the in-game store (buying Tiger Runes, Gift Packs, etc) and 25 TKT per each 1 EOS spent on material or equipment in the marketplace.

TKTs will be one of the primary sources of your recurring Crypto Dynasty earnings in case you are keen to make money by playing the game, but I’ll focus on what they do in the game, first.

Military ranks

In order to make progress faster in the game, you want to bump up your Military Rank to at least Sergeant to be able to send two Mounts for explorations simultaneously. The requirements for Sergeant are fairly easy to reach if you’ve spent a few EOS, but if you don’t you’ll be able to live with just one Mount on Exploration in any given point in time. Additional Explorations, though, provide extra material; specifically if you are using high-grade Mounts, the Explorations can be very rewarding (a Level 1 Epic Mount has about a 11% chance per Exploration to bring back an Epic material worth >= 0.5 EOS per Exploration).

Check out the qualification requirements for the individual Military Ranks:

Wrapping it up for now

After reading this first part of the guide, you should be able to play Crypto Dynasty smoothly and make steady progress. If you want to make significant “revenue” with the game, you won’t get around investing a bunch of EOS, first. The highest-revenue players have made multiple thousand EOS in revenue from playing Crypto Dynasty, so it’s most likely been a good investment for them.

In the second part, I’ll be focusing on the individual income streams in Crypto Dynasty and how to best exploit them.

Edit: Here you’ll find the second part of this guide.