Understanding Prospectors Land Registry

The ins and outs to own and rent land for gold.

Fauve Altman
Aug 27, 2019 · 5 min read
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Prospectors game is known of is core game focus being to find gold and earn gold, old school western style. A big part of finding gold or earning more gold is done through the land registry, by owning or renting lands. But how does one get familiar with the intricacies of the land registry? Here follows a deep dive on a few parts of the land registry game features.

Find a plot

The goal is to find a free plot, so that you are able to rent or buy it. However, buying at the moment is quite expensive, it might just be simpler to rent a plot of land to get an idea of the full experience the game has to offer.

How do you know if a plot is free? Select a plot and if there are no account name at the top of the screen that means the plot is free. If you are considering building on the plot you will want to rent it (or buy) if you have enough gold. First, make sure to see what are the resources available on and around that plot and the resources you’ll need for the type of building you’ll want to build, as those resources will be needed for building the infrastructures you’ll want.

These are called visible resources, such a stone, wood, water, these can be seen immediately without selecting a specific plot. However, you will need to clear the plot of these stones, wood or ore before being able to build. That is a great way to gain resources that you may need for later. I’d consider renting at first, this way you get to collect resources that you can accumulate, experience the ownership of a land and move onto another one where you’ll have to do the same, gain more visible resources. The more you have of those, the easier it’ll be to buy and directly build. My personal little tip.

When on a free plot, you will see the visible resources at the top of your screen. Some will already have a number for the amount available, others will have a question mark under it, which means that you can examine the plot and see how much if any available of the others resources are there. If none is available after the examination, you’ll see the resource turn grey and have a zero under it (see image below).

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Visible resources at the top

Before renting a plot, you’ll have to send one of your worker to the plot to be able to rent and mine and build. The land registry will send you a notification similar to a rental agreement confirming you the price of your land and at what date you’ll have to pay your next rent. Don’t be late on your payment!

Once you’ve rented your plot, you’ll see a job board appear and a store, from which you can sell your resources and other materials.

Auctioning or Passing on your plot

Auctioning or passing on your plot are other ways to sell your rented or owned plot of land.
When clicking the auction button, you can set your price and then the auction will run for 24 hours. Which I would do to see first if other users are interested in your plot and make some gold at the same time.
The “pass on” button is the option to sell or pass your plot to a specific account. Perhaps better if you have multiple game accounts or want to send a gift to a friend.
The main difference between the two options are that you can pass a plot for free to another user if you’d like.

Plot confiscation

You forgot to pay your rent, your plot was confiscated. Ouch!

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Here what happens exactly when you miss your payment:
1. Your plot is blocked for 7 days.
2. The plot becomes confiscated and is sold at the auction.
3. If no one will buy the plot it becomes abandoned.

However, you do have a bit of time to pay your rent to recuperate your plot, hurry up!

During the 7 day blockage, you will still be able to access any content from your storage of your plot and shop. However, all other actions will be blocked, such as mining, creating orders or producing.

At the end of the confiscation period, if you haven’t paid your rent, your plot will be sold at the auction for an allotted time for 24 hours, the action price will equal the actual price of the monthly rent of your plot. If no one makes a bid during the auction time frame, your plot will be considered abandoned and returned on the market as a free plot for other players to rent or buy.

So mark your calendar and don’t lose your land!


Prospectors team has done a great job at detailing the actions available with renting and owning lands. It is almost a whole other little game in the game with its complexities and challenges. One thing I’d suggest the team to add is a filter option between plots that are free and plots to bid on, just like the jobs can be filtered between with or without equipment. Because at the moment, it seems all plots are taken even though the number states 1118 plots free.. and plots to bid on have high prices.

Have any feedback on the game? Share them with me!
Make sure to follow Wombat’s and Prospectors twitter accounts for announcements and challenges to win PGL Tokens.

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