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What You Missed During Our AWA #3

As we’d like to get to know you more and be more open with you, we are continuing our series of AWA — Ask Wombat Anything! We revealed some exciting things about Womplay and Wombat — and went through NFTs and DeFi. As always, there were a lot of amazing questions sent both in advance or via live chat! If you missed the live event or would like to refresh your memory, here’s what we discussed on March, 9th.

Womplay will have other rewards than EOS

During the AMA, our CEO Adrian Krion confirmed that there will be a different type of rewards on Womplay — cool unique NFTs!

What we know so far, is that there will be two kinds of those: ones that you can ‘burn’ on Womplay to get temporary boosts and the ones you can use in games, like Splinterlands cards. There is no ETA yet, but it will be revealed soon.

More DeFi and blockchains on Wombat

Following the success of the native EOS/pBTC swap feature, Wombat will expand it onto other trading pairs. This will come particularly in handy as our team finalizes integration with Unstoppable Domains and preparing to launch Ethereum support later this year.

Call for the community’s suggestions

As we continue growing the games library on Womplay, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us what kind of games you’d love to see on Womplay — or reach out to their publishers and tell them about your favorite crypto gaming platform!

Join The Wombat Family!

Our team and other community members will be happy to discuss all things blockchain gaming, EOS and Telos. Come say hi on:




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