Wombat announces Partnership with Crypto Sword & Magic

Alexander Gutjahr
Sep 19 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with EOS-based game Crypto Sword & Magic! In classic turn-based RPG style, players get to choose their heroes who will fight the eternal battle of good vs. bad. There is a ton of items, waiting to be equipped and upgraded to your liking. And, thanks to blockchain, all heroes and items you collect are truly yours. The beautiful artwork creates a unique experience and makes this a truly enjoyable game. Here is a sneak peek:

Crypto Sword & Magic Trailer

One of the coolest features is a mercenary market: while you are away, you can rent out your heroes to other players. Your heroes can then help out during battles, gaining them a share of the rewards based on their contribution. That’s passive income!

To kick off this partnership there will be two things waiting for you:

  • every Wombat user will get one pet egg (1 EOS value), for free
  • we will run a week-long raid with a total reward of 100 EOS

To join this challenge (aka. Wombattle), make sure you have downloaded the latest versions of Wombat and Crypto Sword & Magic.

To learn more about the challenge stay tuned on Twitter, Medium or Telegram. Good luck!

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