Wombat announces Partnership with Solitaire Duel

Alexander Heckel
Aug 29, 2019 · 2 min read
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We are more than excited to announce a new partnership with the game Solitaire Duel published by Neowiz Play Studio Blockchain Lab. Solitaire Duel is one of the best known EOS games, is fun to play and is for free for a limited amount of games. Gamers who want to play Solitaire Duel for the first time can now easily open up an EOS account with Wombat for free and play the game in Wombat directly. Wombat is not just the fastest option to play Solitaire Duel but also the most convenient since all received SLT token (Solitaire Duel’s native token) are automatically listed in the wallet.

The aim of this partnership is to demonstrate how both the Wombat wallet and Solitaire Duel complement each other to attract more mainstream users to the Web 3.0. Wombat demonstrates that it only takes a few seconds to onboard first-time users to EOS and enable everyone to play cool games immediately. Both applications are free of charge and easy to use. By partnering with Solitaire Duel, Wombat once more puts its emphasis on the support and promotion of high quality dApps.

To kickstart the new partnership Wombat will conduct a Solitaire Duel challenge starting in September 2019. To learn more about the challenge stay tuned on twitter, medium or telegram. Gamers who never played Solitaire Duel before can check out our beginner’s guide. Good luck!

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