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Womplay kicks off NFT rewards!

Womplay has been an exciting adventure from the very beginning. With over 20 top-tier games now and new rewards mechanics, it has grown so much! And today, it’s taking another major step to give more of what the crypto world has to offer.

We’re beyond excited to share that Womplay will now reward players with NFTs in addition to crypto! To top it, those won’t only be non-fungibles from successful and booming art projects and blockchain games. For the first time ever, many mainstream games on our platform will release their digital collectibles to be exclusively distributed through Womplay!

We’ll be launching the game-themed NFTs with Hero Zero, followed by Tasty Tale and many more of your favorite games! The initial supply is capped at 10,000 tokens. This article will be updated as we develop the feature further. If you are not familiar with NFTs, please read our guide.

What are NFTs on Womplay

Womplay NFTs are all EOS-based and utilize the AtomicAssets standard, like the many artworks or collectible cards you see on AtomicHub. You can trade, burn, auction them just like any other AtomicAssets NFT.

In the spirit of collectible figurines, Womplay’s NFTs will display playable characters from the games you play on a special pedestal. The pedestals will range in colors corresponding to rarity. There are five rarities in total:

  • Common (Green) — 70% drop chance
  • Rare (Blue) — 20% drop chance
  • Epic (Purple) — 7% drop chance
  • Legendary (Yellow) — 2.75% drop chance
  • Mythic (Red) — 0.25% drop chance

Besides rarity, Second Edition NFTs also have a power parameter that determines the ‘weight’ of NFTs in certain Challenges.

How to obtain NFTs

When you play a game that has NFT rewards, you will receive a corresponding quest in your Questbook. Check the conditions and instructions there to receive your non-fungible reward!

All your NFTs will be displayed in the inventory, which you can see in the navbar. All NFTs that you receive on Womplay can be immediately accessed on Atomic Hub and you can interact with them through your Wombat wallet.

For a more detailed look, please watch this video guide.

Coming up next…

This is only the beginning for NFTs on Womplay, and we’re working on many ways to expand this feature. In the following weeks, you will see:

  • More ways to obtain rewards! We want to celebrate all of your achievements in games, and playtime rewards is only the first step. Expect milestone NFT rewards to come soon!
  • Promo NFTs. Although we want to make way for mainstream games, we recognize and value what blockchain-first projects did for NFTs to realize their potential. That’s why, from time to time, we will release promotional NFTs from Wombat’s partner projects. You will most likely find those in special lootboxes on Womplay.
  • More utility for the NFTs. Although exclusive NFTs as collectibles already sound pretty awesome, we don’t want to stop there. We have already introduced special NFT Challenges, and there’s more to come! In the future, there will be more ways to interact with your NFTs and be rewarded for it. This could be a limited game category NFT that gives you an earning boost for selected titles or rewards for burning NFTs.

Wrapping it up

NFTs on EOS is nothing new — but more mainstream, well-established gaming titles exploring the technology is a huge step, and all the Womplayers are part of it. We hope you will like this new feature and as always, let us know what you think about it on all our channels.

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