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Women Build STEAM

A Day in the Life of SE — Mentoring

Created by Urvashi Saxena —www.Canva.com

Day 1,

Welcome to the series of A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer! Today I talk about:


One of the privileges of being a software engineer is that you get to train and mentor the new generation of engineers. You get to teach them from your experiences and mistakes! You get to guide them.




Building a community for & by the women in STEAM. Empowering women to start & maintain a career in STEAM. Sharing resources, success & failure stories, and lessons learned. Platform to become a better you.

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Urvashi Saxena

Urvashi Saxena

Software Engineer by day, food & wine enthusiast by night, and a STEM enthusiast always. I love to empower women & increase awareness on STEM careers!👩‍💻☕️🍕

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