Two Things You Should Unapologetically Daydream About Often

Intentional daydreaming can unlock infinite possibility.

If you’ve ever sat through a boring class or a pharmaceutical commercial, you’ve likely experienced daydreaming. It’s incredible that our brains can go so far beyond instinct.

Our mind literally builds our life: uplifting beliefs mirror to us a life that we probably enjoy, while negative beliefs mirror to us a life that probably sucks a bit. By mastering your mind, your potential is limitless.

As with anything, too much daydreaming can be detrimental, but daydreaming with purpose can change (read: shape) your entire life.

Common daydreams include a romantic partner riding in on a golden steed, living in a mansion (or a tiny house in the woods), swimming in a lake of hundred dollar bills while sipping Godiva martinis, cuddling with a bear (one of my most common daydreams), turning into the Hulk when someone insults you, or performing for 100,000 people at Bonnaroo. The list is endless.

Daydreaming has a bad rep for being fantastical and sometimes uncontrollable, but an intentional daydream can help open doors to your life. There are two daydreams that are uncommon, but should be common. The first is to imagine sunup to sundown of a typical day in your desired life (thank you The Mindset Theory podcast for this one). The second is to imagine who you want to be as a personality in your desired life.

Regularly daydreaming about the exact life you want for yourself will keep you focused on the what, rather than getting lost in all of the how’s and what-if’s, which can really poison your results, especially if you suffer negative thought patterns.

Starting and ending your day by visualizing as many details of your desired life as possible will help you feel into exactly what it is that you want. This feeling will align you to the vibration of already having what it is that you want, which is necessary for your life’s grandest desires to become more of a reality and less of a daydream.

Getting detailed with your dream life visualization can look however you want. Some of mine include: waking up on the most comfortable bed in this dimension and stepping onto a fuzzy white rug, noticing my massive bathtub as I brush my teeth, the decorations and devices in my office, how I react when a curve-ball strikes my schedule, how I feel in the clothes I’m wearing, and how I feel when I’m getting into bed.

In addition to seeing your future, imagining yourself as the future personality of you will let you step into the feeling of being your desired self- your essence. Your personality is basically what happens in your head and is executed through expression- such as how you react to circumstances, or how you carry yourself when you meet someone new. This happens alone and in front of other people, and it’s always happening inside your brain, directly creating your life.

Your personality (especially the part that nobody else sees) is the blueprint for what your life tangibles look like from the outside- relationships, habits, and physical items. Your blueprint includes how you process life and emotions, and it hold the beliefs and feelings you have for yourself, for others, and for the world. It also, for most people, holds a good bit of trauma.

Your blueprint shapes your reality. In short: your inner world creates your external world. The energetic frequency at which you are vibrating does not experience a difference between your mind and your reality.

The future is always now, but these exercises are meant to help manifest the dreams you have for beyond the now, in maybe 5 or 20 years. But sometimes we just need a few moments to feel better, so that we can even begin to imagine our distant self.

Maybe you need to daydream about next week.

If now needs to change before you can even think positively about the future , then perhaps the smallest step could be to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a situation you know you’ll have tomorrow (i.e. eating lunch). Simply imagine yourself grinning from ear to ear. If you haven't smiled in a while, allow your brain and body to react however comes up. Maybe, just maybe, the corner of your lip will curl a bit.



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Krystal Ward

Krystal Ward is a health and life transformation coach who focuses on reducing stress with mindset, biohacking, and identity shifting.