Amie Batalibasi — Winner of Sundance’s Merata Mita Fellowship

Amie Batalibasi at Sundance
Archival Image: ‘Australian South Sea Islanders hoeing a cane field in the Herbert River region, Queensland, 1902’ Source: State Library Qld via Amie’s Blackbird page
Amie shooting Docked, with lead actor, Nyawuda Chuol photo: Janise Wild
still Tide of Change (2010) courtesy Amie Batalibasi
poster courtesy Amie Batalibasi
actor Jeremy Bobby in still from Blackbird (short, 2015) courtesy Amie Batalibasi
Amie at work, with Sharmane, a volunteer photo: Colour Box Studio
Amie and her bike photo: Rachel Main



Women Filmmakers: Their Craft & LIves — Interviews from Wellywood Woman 2010–2021

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Stories by & about women artists, writers and filmmakers. Global outlook, from Aotearoa New Zealand.