Women in Computing Day on June 4th!

This free day of fun for girls between the ages of 8–14 has been scheduled for June 4th from 10:30–3 PM in Columbia, MD and includes a free pizza lunch. You can sign up now by emailing WIC@nextcentury.com. There are still spaces available!

The activities are going to be amazing, and many of the volunteers are women in technology — excellent role models for any young woman.

The girls will be learning how to make stop motion videos, how to program games, all about computing concepts such as finite state machines, they will make an electrical circuit that lights up a card, and much more.

See the embedded flyer for more details!

Women in Computing day, June 4th 10:30–3 PM at 7075 Samuel Morse Drive Columbia MD 21046. It’s free!

If you are interested in learning more about Next Century, please check our website below:

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