Women In Marketing 2021 Edition ft. Anna-Maria Morena from Incloud Business Solutions

We had a chat with Anna-Maria Morena who is the Director of Marketing & ECommerce at In-Cloud Business Solutions. Although she is an astute marketing professional today, Anna-Maria actually started out in Health Sciences before making the transition to marketing. Let’s learn more about her on this segment of Women In Marketing. 🇨🇦


I was born in Montreal (Canada) to parents who immigrated from Italy (and I’m still not sure why they didn’t choose Florida vs the cold weather here).

My fondest childhood memories are days spent at our family cottage. We were surrounded by nature, played sports, sat by bonfires at night while fireflies surrounded us. Oh, plus all that super FUN manual labour, like tending to the enormous garden, cutting firewood and so on.

I was probably more of a tomboy… loved sports and cars and did not know how to apply mascara without stabbing myself in the eye. In college, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a lot of diversity; I learned a lot from the people around me (including how to apply mascara safely).

Do people share food? Kidding., not so much a meal, but a dessert: Cherry or Blueberry Crumble Pie. Hands-down.

I’m not sure I’d change much to be honest…I’d make sure all my family were taken care of so they can live comfortably. I would then proceed to travel the world and work from different countries. Maybe not work per se, but continue to contribute to society somehow and provide value.

So, not as cool as Anastasia… But probably speaking fluent pig-Latin (uncommon constructed language).

It came in really handy in high school when my best friend and I wanted to hide things from our teachers… or in modern-day, when we don’t want her 3 kids to understand our conversations.


A veterinarian in my case :)

I started in Health Sciences, then switched to Commerce and Marketing a little later… I think it was because it just seemed like a really “fun” career at the time. Lots of brainstorming and creativity mixed with psychology and business and analytics- essentially always using both brains.

I’m Italian so it’s #TeamEspresso all the way… although, since Covid, I’ve had time to make smoothies in the morning…so lately it’s been Greek yogurt/berry smoothies (don’t tell my mom).

I think surrounding yourself with good people to remind you of work-life balance is crucial. Whether it be co-workers you can laugh and joke around with or friends/family that get you to log off and enjoy life. Left to my own devices, I’d probably be a workaholic since Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and there is always something to learn. Thankfully though, I have great people around me.

Remote work is great. However, I believe one of the biggest challenges is the loss of that in-person feedback from body language or non-verbal cues, thus making our brains work harder to fill in those gaps and experiencing fatigue more easily.

I guess a Hybrid model would probably work best to give people balance…and in the meanwhile, extra effort on communication skills and empathy/openness towards your colleagues helps.

I think it’s always a matter of knowing your audience.

Do not assume what they would like — ask. And then come to the closest possible solution to that. Beyond that, I think one of the main components is flexibility. If a company can be flexible accommodating, as well as put their employees at the heart of decision-making, then it’s pretty hard to intentionally mess this one up.


We had long stretches of government-enforced curfews during the pandemic (lockdown at 8:30 pm). The restriction, therefore, placed a damper on outdoor physical activity in the evening or any type of social life. But, I took the time to take a few courses and get a few certifications (something I always complain I don’t have enough time to do).

So I guess it’s always trying to make the best out of a bad situation, even if it isn’t always evident.

Always speak your truth, even if it’s terrifying as heck. In the end, great things can come from putting your ego aside and being fully authentic.

Most of my bucket list items are centered around travel. So as soon as we’re allowed to travel again, I’d discover Croatia, Israel, California and Iceland (as a start). The rest I try to accomplish in my day-to-day life so I don’t accumulate a huge list of things I want to do.

One of my biggest mentors was my old E-Commerce supervisor, Catherine (or, as she preferred, Cato). She was a woman of integrity, authenticity, pure-hearted kindness, laughter and all forms of intelligence. Unfortunately, she passed away from illness way too young, but I’m so grateful for the time I had with her. She is the person I aspired to be as a leader and mentor today.

I rarely read books. I’m more of an online article/whitepaper junkie. Although, someone recently shared an ebook by Gabrielle Bernstein called ‘Super Attractor’ and I liked some of the concepts the author speaks to.

Same here… I rarely watch TV. Unless it’s professional Hockey and the Montreal Canadiens are playing (shocker from the Canadian). But once again, Covid did change this habit slightly. I found myself watching series like “Cobra Kai” and “Emily in Paris”…not to mention almost all the Marvel Superhero movies (thanks to my friends).

I don’t think I’ll wait another lifetime, but if I can manage it in this one, I’d like to be a life coach or career coach… maybe write a book too. We’ll see… or maybe, I’ll finally become a veterinarian so I can hang around puppies all day.

Someone who added value to people’s lives. Who made others feel great and inspired them to be the best versions of themselves. Someone who got people to think outside the box and break conventional ways of speaking or acting.

Mmmm… Usually, if I’m thinking of someone or concerned about them, I simply get in touch with them. Mostly I just miss hanging out with my family when all 35 of us get together, eat way too much, share old memories and joke around- creating new memories. Hopefully, once the pandemic is fully over we can get back to doing that regularly (and probably have a greater appreciation for it).

Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom; it’ll give you a greater perspective and make you a better leader once you’re at the top.

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