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Happy Turkey Day

What we’re reading (and watching):

Product Managers are not mini CEOs but need to be the glue for the product as well the “janitor”. The first refers to the core skills PMs need to be successful while the second emphasizes servant leadership. Rose Yao writes about the importance for “great PM Leaders to step up and be leaders for this clean up crew” in “Product Managers be the shit umbrella

“The biggest myths about getting buy-in or influencing others is that you only need data and logic to make your case. Data and logic are necessary but not sufficient.” writes Ashita Achuthan. Check out a framework for getting things done with empathy in “A Product Manager’s Guide to Getting Buy-In”.

Margaret Heffernan advocates for the need to stop being afraid of conflict and to actively seek it out. Constructive conflict means being deliberate about seeking people who have different backgrounds, experience, ways of thinking, and finding ways to engage. “It’s a fantastic model of collaboration — thinking partners who aren’t echo chambers.” she says in her Ted talk “Dare to Disagree

“There is a blind spot in the development process that affects the general public. When applied to products where safety is a factor, it becomes a question of life and death.” Carol E Reily writes about the importance of inclusion and diversity in AI and Product development and calls for a change in the industry. Read “When Bias in Product Design means Life or Death

“A Product Leader’s Tripod consists of 3 things that need to be balanced at all times to allow companies and teams to be shipping great product at all times.” Maya Bisineer lays out a continuous, iterative framework for Product Leaders in “A Product Leader’s Tripod

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