Always Confirm and then Re-confirm the Point of the Next Step in the Sales Process

Every part of your process as a sales person should have a point.

You need to always be on the same page as the prospect you are potentially going to sell your product to.

If you don’t know why you are on the phone with your prospect or why you are in a meeting with your prospect then you probably shouldn’t be there. You should know why you are doing something.

You aren’t there to chum it up and just chat for the fun of it. You are there to be compelling and help them. To be your most helpful you should know how this part of your process plays end to the end goal.

What is your ideal outcome of this step in your process?

Why are you here together?

What is the point of this step?

Get on the same page as your prospect as to what the point of your conversation is and what the goal of your meeting is. Are you both in agreement?

You are in sales for a reason. You likely enjoy helping people solve problems.

Your job is to find out if your prospect needs your help.
Then, if they need your help that you can solve their problems and that they want your help.
The prospect must want to be helped by your company because they think your company is the best fit for solving those needs and problems that you both uncovered.

Whatever stage you are at in your sales process you should be confirming why you are there and what the purpose of your meeting or conversation is. Then you should reconfirm this and always make sure you are both on the same page.


Then reconfirm why you are doing what you are doing.

Remember you are in sales to help someone with their problems by hopefully selling them what you sell. You are a sales person, not their friend.

If you control this process, set agendas in your meetings and confirm why you are doing what you are doing then you will work towards the end goal together in a better way.

The end goal is the prospect becoming a customer because you can help them best and the prospect agrees that you are the best fit to help them.

You likely know what is best for your prospect so make that clear and explain why you believe your company can solve their problems and needs the best.

Give them guidance and advice on why you believe this from what you have learned in the sales process with them.

Be helpful and manage the process well by setting agendas and confirming those agendas in the process.

If you just so happen to be a woman working in sales or work with women in your company in sales please invite them to join the women in sales community on Slack here.

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