Let me Introduce you to the Women in Sales PodCast

To all the ladies out there who are in SALES we NEED to HEAR FROM YOU!

To all the ladies out there who want to connect and learn from other women in sales roles - we have the PODCAST and community for you!

To all the little girls in elementary school, middle school, high school and college — we want you to know that SALES is a job for WOMEN and not just for MEN!

This Podcast has been years in the making I finally am just doing it. Because well, I am a woman who happens to be in sales. I am a woman who loves sales. I am a woman who feels empowered because of being in sales. I am a woman who is financially secure because of my profession in sales. I am a woman who wants all women (young, old, whatever) to know what sales can do for them as well. I want women to no longer be SCARED or HESITANT of being in sales.

We all talk about getting more women into tech and more women into sales. Well, here is your chance to tell your story to the world. We will empower more women to join the profession of sales by telling our stories. We will enable women in sales roles to connect and learn from each other. We will make a difference in the numbers of women to men in sales roles in our organizations in the years to come.

So, to all those women in sales roles at ALL Levels please, please share this Podcast with your colleagues in sales that are women, friends you have that are women, etc. Tell your story as a woman working in sales by filling out this form here.

Let’s flip the gender gap of women working in sales on it’s head ladies. We can do this but we need your stories to empower more women to get into sales.

SIGN UP HERE FOR YOUR 1/2 hour interview to be on the Women in Sales Podcast.

Happy selling ladies and can’t wait to help tell your story of a woman working in sales!