Question for Women Who Work in Sales — What Did Your Mom Do While You Were Growing Up?

I am always curious when I meet a woman that I like or think is impressive what makes them tick. I want to know what makes them be so awesome? Where did they get their spunk and drive from? What makes them them?

I LOVE meeting women who right away when they start to talk I think to myself — “wow you are amazing and I want to know everything about how and why you are the way you are.”

I think a lot of what makes me be me and makes me tick is how I grew up. I am a curious person, a strong person, a helpful and motivated woman. I think a lot of who I have become as a woman and as a woman working in sales is because of how I grew up.

Picture on the beach where my parents now live- My sister on the left, me on the right, Dad middle ;)

Here are 10 things that I think make me who I am today and being good at sales and loving sales.

  1. In general my parents are and have always been hard workers at everything they do. Hard workers at their jobs and hard workers at bringing my sister and I up the right way. Sales takes hard work. If you don’t naturally want to work hard then sales might not be for you.
  2. My Dad and Mom met when my Dad was in the Coast Guard in California when they were super young. Then my sister and I were born. My parents didn’t come from a lot of money and built their way up in the world over a lot of years. I watched this happen whether they knew I was at that time, I was. I was always watching. Always learning from what they did. Kids are curious people and what they see you doing will impact how your kids turn out. To be good at sales you need to be curious, you need to be helpful and want to fix problems.
  3. We lived all over the US growing up. I was exposed to different kinds of life, different kinds of living and therefore I think I am a person who doesn’t mind change, doesn’t mind things in flux. I actually like it. I kind of live for change and live for chaos. I think that I do better with some chaos and uncertainty. With sales there is a lot of uncertainty and change. You have to be the kind of person who deals well with change and doesn’t mind it.
  4. My parents showed me the worth of a dollar. My parents didn’t have a lot of money growing up as kids. As I grew up I saw my parents hard work directly impacted our way of life. We started out in my younger days living in apartments and then moved up to houses. I still remember renting our first home. I still remember when we built our first home. I remember all of that. In Sales you have the ability to create your own destiny. You create your own worth and your own stability.
  5. My Mom over the years that I was growing up went to school at nights to help her eventually become a CFO. While my Mom went to school my father watched us. He took over some of the traditional women role of the house so my mother could further herself and her career. I remember that my mother used to have a sometimes 2 hour commute to and from work each day with LOTS of traffic. WHY does that matter? Because she was doing that for her family and to further herself in her career. She was working that far away because she was working her way up. In sales you have the ability to make your career what you want it to be.
  6. I saw my Mother work her way up in the world in the later years in her life. That impresses me now that I am 31. When she was in her 20s and 30s I was still super young and didn’t know what I know now about being in business. I respect my mother for working her way up from nothing, to going to school for accounting to becoming an accountant to then becoming a CFO of a great company. Seeing her work hard like she did “later” on in her life helps me to know that people can do things at any age. A lot of times sales does not discriminate on age. It kind of can’t — if you prove yourself, do great at hitting your quota then age doesn’t matter.
  7. My Dad is a great guy and he has 3 lovely women in his life- my Mother, my sister and me — he has always supported all three of us and believes in us. He shows love and compassion for my family and for everyone he knows. He cares about his employees. He always showed that when I would visit him at work when I was young. He would help friends of mine with their careers and giving them advice. He is why I care about people. He showed me that caring about your employees goes a long way. I naturally care about people around me and I think some of that comes from what he taught me seeing him managing a sales team over the younger years in my life. Sales is a place where you will do well if you are naturally a nice person and want to help people.
  8. My parents are now semi “retired.” They quit their jobs in their 60s to move to Florida. They were ready for change but guess what? They actually didn’t like that retirement thing. So now my Dad started a company and my Mom is a CFO at a company. Why does this matter? Because it shows me that age is not a thing we should care about in life. Age is a number. It proves to me that we need to focus on the work people do and not on how old they are. If you are a hot shot sales rep and 22 — great. If you are 52 and a hot shot sales rep doing really well- that is awesome too. In Sales age doesn’t matter.
  9. My Mom thinks I am amazing and always tells me that. She always has. She always tells me how great I am and how she is impressed by everything that I do. I am impressed by her and I continue to be over the years that I get older. She is the reason I am where I am. If she hadn’t worked so hard I wouldn’t have been given the opportunities in life to get to where I am. Sales enables you to chart your own course.
  10. My Mother had always worked long, long hours, that is what taught me that good things come from hard work. I know she still struggles with the fact that she wasn’t around all the time when I was growing up but guess what? I am glad that she wasn’t because she showed me that working hard is important. I am so happy she taught me that life is tough, that you need to work through challenges and that you can work your way up in the world. Sales allows me to do just that.
Picture of my Mother and I.

The world really is your oyster. You make your life what you want it be and you chart your path for what you want your life to become. My upbringing helped me to become who I am today as a woman personally and professionally.

I strongly believe that seeing my Mother work her way up over my life has helped me to know that I can make it at any age and stage of my life.

She has given me the strength to know that working long hours and caring about my career is important not just for me but for the future children that I hope I will have one day. It is important because I want all women to know that being in sales is an amazing career path that will set you and your potential family up for a great life.

If and when I have children I really hope I have a girl and I want the world she comes into to be one where women do jobs that traditionally were once before seen as a job for a man.

The combination of me seeing my Father and my Mother’s work over the years is what makes me me. Seeing them work their ways up in the corporate world, seeing their career paths, the struggles and the wins have helped me to want know what could be.

They are why I want to expose as many women as I can to sales. It is because I want women to know sales is a great career and could be a great career for their little daughters who will one day grow up to be #GirlBosses theirselves.

If you are a woman working in any sales role please join the #WomeninSales community and #womeninSales Slack channel by going here.

And I will leave you with this video because I love the lyrics. Always stay humble and kind. :)
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