Sales Reps: there is Gold Out there, You Just need To Dig in, Do GOOD work and Go Get it!

You just have to find the right people, at the right time and for the right reasons.

There are plenty of articles out there talking about how cold calling is dead and about how cold outreach doesn’t work anymore. I have written some of those articles myself. I do think that cold outreach has gotten harder and harder over the past 5 years but I know that it still works.

When I say that cold outreach works, I mean this and this alone.

You source a company, you do research, you start to reach out, you convert that lead into an opportunity, you have a sales process, and they end up BUYING your product and becoming a customer! You win and close a new customer due to cold outreach.

Sales is a tough job. It is not for everyone. You have to be proactive to do really, really well. You have to be tough and confident in yourself to be really good at it. There are going to be times where you feel bad about yourself, where you feel like you can’t get anyone you are reaching out to to say yes to you. You keep getting no’s, please take me off “your list” and please stop reaching out. That can get you down in the dumps if you are not naturally a person who keeps fighting. You have to remain confident in what you do and just keep going. Keep digging into your CRM and keep doing research in your territory to find those pieces of gold. They are out there, you have to find them and do the hard work to get them to talk to you at the right times.

You have to go find the gold, it is out there.

If you aren’t getting yes’s when you reach out cold it is because you didn’t prepare enough, you didn’t do enough research and you reached out to someone at the wrong time without needs you solve for. It is likely because you reached out to someone who has no need or interest in anything that you company sells or helps with. You must approach the right people who have a potential need for what you do and what your company helps with at the RIGHT TIME.*** You are calling decision makers who are busy and don’t want to be bothered by unhelpful sales reps who are just making calls to make a number and do their job. It is your job as a sales rep to not be that KIND of sales rep.

Don’t call people and sound flimsy and floppy when they do pick up the phone. Be ready to go and prepared for what you want to say to them.
Be Confident when someone picks up the phone and get your points out right away. Tell them why you are calling and why you want to talk to them.
This is not about you (or your company). The connect call is about quickly explaining why you think you can help and asking if this is timely. Then figuring out what to do from there.
Have meaning in all of your outreach. Be genuine, sincere and helpful.

Yesterday I was going through my leads in SFDC at the end of the day. I had a long day of demos and exploratory calls but I knew that I needed to convert more leads into opportunities to fill my pipe as the holidays come along. So, I started going through my in progress leads.

I know that I source leads or work leads for a reason. There is always a reason why a company or contact is in my in progress views or open views in my CRM. Those leads are in my name because I made a conscious and researched decision to keep them there or put them my views for a reason. That means that if and when I have time to prospect I know there is gold in my CRM, I just have to find it. It is my job to spend time and make an effort to get net new opportunities into my pipe. The only way to do this is to dig in, roll up my sleeves, and start to reach out to people I think we can help.

Dig in and go find the people who need your help.

This takes time, takes research, takes confidence and takes getting shot down.

You can make cold outreach easier on yourself as a sales rep if you focus on these 2 things:

1. Who is a good fit for what you sell? Why?

2. When are they typically a good fit and why?

Figure out the triggers or growth indicators that will help you to find the people and companies who meet the criteria stated above at the right times.


Do not spend time on companies that you don’t know how you would help them. Spend your time on well researched companies that you know based on that research that you could help and that help could be timely.
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