Why Sales Reps Should Be Using Medium as a New Way to Connect with DMs and Prospects

Medium is a great new addition to my daily social work as a sales rep. I go on medium to search people’s names that I am working as a lead in the sales process. I search the company name to see if the company has a medium blog yet.

If they do it is a great way for me to start reading their articles and learn more about what these people or these companies care about.

From there I can use that content or even my comments on their articles to start a conversation.

We as sales reps need to have many ways to learn about our prospects and interact with them. As a sales rep today you must be where your prospects are. One of those places is Medium. You should be searching for your contacts and your companies on medium, on quora, etc so you can stay up to date on what they are discussing. That way when you do get them on the phone or try to reach out they might remember something intelligent you wrote in a comment. They might want to talk to you more than if they hadn’t seen how you think from your writing.


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