recruitHER connects tech companies with diverse, qualified candidates (with a specific commitment to women in tech)

Mission-driven, Women-owned Recruiting at

recruitHER ( is a mission-driven, women-owned recruiting firm which exists to connect tech companies with diverse, qualified candidates (with a specific commitment to women in tech).

Technology increasingly affects every aspect of our lives, yet the teams creating products intended to reflect millions of diverse users are overwhelmingly white and male.

Recruit.her seeks more diverse perspectives informing technological applications and innovations — it’s good for business and for consumers. Take the Apple Health app as an example: The initial release allowed users to track their sleep, body mass index, electrodermal activity, weight, number of times fallen, sodium intake, copper intake, and even selenium intake. What could you not track with Apple Health? Women’s periods.

Companies with more diverse and inclusive teams get better traction with their customer base, have significantly higher customer satisfaction, and are more profitable than their less-diverse competitors. Having a gender-balanced team is a core aspect of diversity for any company. But at present, only 26% of programmers in the U.S. are women (1% Latina, 3% African-American, 4% Asian, and 18% white). Tech companies who value diversity often struggle to hire diverse talent — either their current efforts are failing to move the needle, or they don’t know where to begin. recruitHER solves this critical problem by enabling our clients to hire more diverse candidates in engineering, product, project management, marketing, creative, community, and leadership roles.

recruitHER strategically partners only with companies who demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and diversity: recruitHER is dedicated to helping their community of job-seekers by providing them with valuable career resources, enabling them to advance their careers in tech, and connecting them with companies who provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where they can grow and thrive.

Essentially, through recruitHER’s consultative coaching and a careful matching process, the organization enables diverse candidates who are interested in (or already pursuing) careers in technology to better identify opportunities that match their skills and interests.

For example, The organization recently partnered with ReturnPath to help boost the signal on their ReturnShip program. This paid, 22-week program exists to help candidates who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time re-enter tech. It’s a great project, but organizers found that most existing networks were unaware it existed, This is a problem for so many companies recruitHER engages with — they may have great benefits (like trans-inclusive health care, competitive parental leave policies, or a returnship-type program), but haven’t found a way to leverage them in the recruiting process.

recruitHER launched in July 2015 and has had a strong response in cities like Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco. “We have been so humbled by the response to recruitHER (both from candidates and from companies!) and are so excited to scale our services to even more cities over time,” says organizer Ashley Doyal. “Our first careers workshop sold out in 20 minutes, so we are also working on webinars and training courses to better serve our community as we grow.”

As for our future, success at recruitHER really means putting ourselves out of business! recruitHER team membersGina Helfrich, PhD, Alexa Loken, and Ashley Doyal are excited about the potential for their work to evolve in new directions over time as the industry shifts, and are so grateful the benefits of diversity in tech are finally part of a national conversation.