Thank goodness for mouthy women in sport

This week, Pia Sundhage has no time for any of that sexist rubbish and we celebrate the diversity of female athletes with art and ads.

Rugby Sevens World Series is coming to Sydney

Stick February 3–4 2017 in your diary. Or, better yet, subscribe to this. I’ve created a women’s sport calendar for all upcoming events involving Australians and how you can watch. It’s a work in progress so if you know of any events to be added, please let me know.

“I think it’s just a great way to keep the momentum rolling from the World Series and now the Olympics. And then this tournament’s going to be massive. I’m so excited, and I’m sure the other girls in our team are so excited to play, because there’s nothing like playing in front of your friends and family” — Charlotte Caslick.

Hey journo, stop asking stupid questions

Or better yet, do. So awesome women like Pia can put that shit down.

So, how do we stop this kind of sexist coverage?

Glad you asked. Merryn Sherwood and Emma Sherry from La Trobe University have a few ideas.

Celebrating the diversity of female athletes

Huge congrats to Wendy Fox a graphic designer from Melbourne. She successfully raised enough funds to get this project off the ground. She’s going to illustrate every female gold medalist from the Rio Olympics.

She’s selling posters and books of the final artwork. Pre-order yours here or contact Wendy directly.

And on diversity…

Michelle Heyman on being true to yourself. Sing it sister.

Sharing is caring…

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