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7 Tips from Conversation Design Pros, CEOs and Recruiters on How to Land the Job

Industry experts share their advice on breaking into the industry. This blog post was co-written by Rebecca Evanhoe.

Conversation design is one of the fastest-growing roles for writers and designers in the market right now, but how do you land a job? Whether you’re hoping to find a new role in conversation design or make a complete career pivot, knowing exactly what skills you need and what it takes to break into the industry can feel overwhelming.

We’ve asked seven industry experts to share their advice and tips to become a conversation designer — no matter your skillset. Here’s what they had to say…

Allys Parsons, Co-Founder & Conversational AI Recruiter, Techire.AI

“If you don’t get any experience in this field, do not fear all is not lost! Personally I see many incredible people with zero experience in this industry still land their dream jobs. This is because they put the leg work in by networking, skilling up and fully emerging themselves in this space.”

Ahmed Bouzid, CEO, Witlingo

“Build a portfolio of Alexa skills or Google actions that you have deployed and are proud of. This will force you to read, write, partner up, hustle, endure, and design for real.”

Lisa Falkson, Senior VUI Designer, Amazon

“The best conversation designers have a mix of interdisciplinary qualities: an engineer or computer scientist with strong language skills, or a linguist who has strong technical aptitude. As with most design positions, a lot of empathy is required.”

Braden Ream, CEO of Voiceflow

“The best Cx Designers understand the underlying technologies — where boundaries can be pushed and where to stay within the guard rails. They can sequence their designs for what’s possible today, and what’s possible in future as the technology advances.”

Nicola Bryan, Talent Acquisition Manager, NeuraFlash

“Be confident in interviews! Communication goes a very long way. Have a story about how you got here and how your experience relates to the position you’re interviewing for.”

Brandon Kaplan, CEO, Skilled Creative

“The best conversational designers’ minds sit at the intersection of creativity and utility. We need maximum creativity packed into the best possible vehicle for conversation. Understand that challenge, and get excited about finding angles for creative solutions.”

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If you’re looking to get inspired, learn new conversation design skills and kickstart your career, here are a few additional resources to check out:

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