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Tamara Sredojevic
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3 min readJun 23, 2020


Powered by Squarecat, Leave Me Alone lets you see all of your subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with a single click. Bonus point, they don’t sell your data to third parties like their competitors.

As a fellow member of Women Make, I helped Danielle Johnson, the co-founder of Leave Me Alone, to optimise the landing page before the launch on Product Hunt. The goal was to maximise conversion opportunities.

Leave Me Alone landing page
Leave Me Alone landing page

Adapting to the Audience

Leave Me Alone wants to help anyone with an email address to optimise their time spent managing subscriptions. The time we’d all rather spend on literally anything else.

If a user has found Leave Me Alone, it’s probably because they hang out with tech people and know the drill already. Users like us don’t give second chances. We are an impatient crowd, keen on clarity and we demand seamless experiences.

So Squarecat and I worked on making the messaging extra clear, the journey logical and the visual style enjoyable.

Don’t Burn Your Users’ Retinas

Speaking of visual style, colour association shouldn’t be a random choice. It’s one of the first things users notice. Along with fonts and images. So, even if you’re a big fan of vivid colours like me, go easy on them. You don’t want to hurt someone’s retina with clashing tones. Especially when your brand colours are pink and red like Leave Me Alone.

Settings in Leave Me Alone
Choosing filters in Leave Me Alone

Overnight Buzz Is a Myth

Leave Me Alone is now doing really well. But it didn’t happen overnight. I don’t believe in the statement “if the product is good enough, people will know about it”. It might be right if you have several Awwwards already or if you’ve just found the COVID-19 vaccine. The overnight buzz happens to those who already have committed fans or when there was a clear demand for your product.

If that’s not you, be patient with building your brand awareness. It takes time and it’s normal. You’re not a bot. Slowly but surely is the rule.

Leave Me Alone press reviews
Leave Me Alone press reviews

Reach Out Beyond Your Circle

If you’re a small business doing everything by yourself, you might need a little push and there’s no harm asking for it.

Also, if you run a tech business, don’t fall into the trap of talking solely to tech people on Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, Makerlog and Hacker News. Users from different industries might benefit from your product and that means more revenue for your business. Think about where these people hang out. And go meet them.

Outcomes & Lessons

Thanks to our sessions, Leave Me Alone managed to optimise their landing page in a very successful way. So much so that they’re happy members of the Open Startups movement and share their revenue in public.

🙏 Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve learnt a couple of things from this case study.

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