Powerful Pitches and entertaining ideas at the Women Startup Competition Prague Semifinal!

Announcement made by: Lenka Kucerova and Pavlyna Zychová, jury members: WSC, Prague, 2017, February.

The Prague Women Startup Competition was a strong start at the line of European pre-finals. Judging by the ambient and the list of contestants, the organizers can’t complain. The speakers really encouraged each other before and during the speeches, so the audience only got the sense of competition by the high level of individual standards.

The competition’s Pre-final events are currently calling for ambitious female entrepreneurs with pre-final events held in 7 countries, including Finland, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the UK. The online application is open for all teams until the 4th of April! The only requirement set by the organizers is, that the founders must have at least an equal gender diversity representation (50%-50%) within the entrepreneurial team.

“I was delighted to see how many ambitious female entrepreneurs took action to fulfill their business goals and presented in so many different category. The selection of teams was very diverse.”- Dehelán Gábor, Women Startup Competition, Business Coach, member of the jury.

Since 2014, Women Startup Competition has given numerous opportunities for female founders and gender diverse startups, to expand their businesses and meet the investors of their dreams. With prizes like co-working office space and personal mentoring, tickets to several international conferences; WSC offers a chance to network and possible promotion for all lucky participants. In regards to the application, there are no thematic requirements: any idea owner, entrepreneur or startup can apply who believe that their idea might appeal to their target audience and attract investors. All applications are welcome!

Introducing the winners of the Prague pre-final:

  • I. Frusack is a compostable reusable shopping bag for fruits and vegetables. https://www.facebook.com/frusack/
  • II. Demeven matching accessories for dogs and for their trendy owners. http://www.demeven.cz/
  • III. Pragulic: This amazing initiative helps the homeless society in Prague, by offerin them positions as tour guides. This way homeless people can contribute to build the good reputation of the city. http://pragulic.cz/?lang=en

Teams, who didn’t have a chance to attend, please apply to the competition online at the following link until the 4th of April, 2017: http://www.womenstartupcompetition.com/

High resolution images of the competition are available here

Since 2014, Women Startup Competition has received and professionally supported more than 300 applications from 4 continents. This year we already reached over 200 pre-registrations — and we hope this will further encourage young talents to follow this path! At the 4th Women Startup competition, we are proud to welcome a growing number of innovative, gender diverse entrepreneurs and startups to participate in this life changing experience. The 4th Women Startup Competition brings many new changes for participants, sponsors and followers of the movement. By extending the structure, beyond the online selection process and the week-long workshop-based mentoring and Demo Day teams will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the mentors in person.

“I enjoyed the event mostly due to good organization and group of experts I met in the jury board. And the best thing was that represented startups were not “girlish” at all, in spite of my fears and expectations. I faced with interesting projects and people who astonished and inspired me.But what surprised me, is a big difference between startups I saw at the competition. Those who took first 3 places were far better comparing to others. Huge difference! So please, dear participants, take the time to prepare to pitching, make great presentation, ask experts and colleagues to train you (“practice makes perfect”) and be ready to answer the jury questions. Be confident, catch the judges and infect them with your ideas, show your vision and make it clear that you have the exact plan, tell what you need, convince everybody that it is you who must be a winner.” — Polina Lukianova, CEO Business incubator Ingria


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