TOP 12 female founders of Women Startups Competition Europe in 2019

Tamas Müller
Nov 28, 2019 · 4 min read

It is already the 6th time, that the best women startups are gathering in the European market. This year, applications had reached new record. We had more than 350 applicants from all over Europe. From Tel-Aviv to Russia, from Spain to Poland, we had several truly international teams. So the local country juries had hard time to select the top 12 shortlisted team to the Women Startup Competition Europe 2019’ finals.


from Spain

Founder : Haydee Barroso

The all-in-one crypto platform: trading, wallets and taxes under one roof.

More info:

Plan A

from Germany

Founder : Lubomila Jordanova

Data-science team to fight climate change. Developing an algorithm, which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest, and a tool that helps businesses calculate, monitor and offset the carbon footprint.

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AMB Technology

from Austria

Founder: Anna Maria Brunnhofer

AMB Technology is creating a device and platform independent cognition platform based on CNNs to detect, reconstructs and measure human bodies via computer version, focusing on safety and efficiency for people.

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from Poland

Founder: Maja Schaefer

An easy-to-integrate, plug-in customer experience tool to reduce CSR costs and improve customer engagement.

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from Russia

Founder: Victoria Duben

Innovating the advertising and marketing industry with an easy-to-use online ad-builder

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from Israel

Founder: Talia Cohen Solal

A biotech startup personalizing depression treatment for better results.

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Jennifer Young (Beauty category)

from Austria

Skin care for the special needs of cancer patients.

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YA.BE (Beauty category)

from Italy

Founder: Valeria Scargetta

Natural and ant-allergic skin care and concept.

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Uberpixel (Nummo app)

from Romania

Founder: AnaMaria Onica

Ed tech to help children with speech disorders (logopedy).

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from Hungary

Founder: Lilla Kiss

An HR platform to meet the challenges of future of work, and the increasing number of freelancers worldwide.

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Piperwai (Beauty category)

Founder: Sarah Ribner

A charcoal deodorant that works entirely naturally.

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from Czech Republic

Founder: Jarmila Kowolowska

Hospitality HR platform, finding temporary work in hospitality with verified restaurants and hotels.

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Special thanks to the members of the jury!

Fiona Dent — CEO of Makerversity,

Millie Kendall MBE — CEO of The British Beauty Council

Louise Scott, Avon’s Chief Scientific Officer,

Volker Hirsch, Partner at Amadeus Capital,

Steve Charlton | President, Mintel EMEA

Alexandra Veidner, CEO of Women Startup Competition

Our Partners:

AVON .:. Mintel .:. HiVentures Venture Capital .:. Department of International Trade British Embassy

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Startup geek, mentor & business analyst, #founder of Women Statup Competition @euwsc, @budapestlaunchpad, @theconnecteast incubator, #digitalmarketing fan

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