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Get Paid to Speak

Christina Wodtke & Denise Jacobs speaking at our Couch Cushion Conversation on Getting Paid to Speak

Tell us about the first time you asked for money.

At what point should you start asking to get paid to speak?

How do you calculate your speaker fee?

  1. Right Price — are they paying the number I like to be paid?
  2. Right People to Reach — sometimes I want to reach a new audience, like a business audience. As soon as you break into a new group, other people will hire you.
  3. Right Talk — I’m tired of talking about OKRs, but I love teaching drawing.
  4. Right Location — I would love to talk in Bangkok.
  5. Right Effort — How hard is it going to be? I’ll say yes to free Q&As but not to something I’ll have to prepare.
  6. Right Values — Does the conferences organizer values mirror mine? For some organizations, you cannot pay me enough. There’s no number to [work for someone] I hate.”

Ask around.

Consider where you are speaking.

How do you calculate a speaker fee for virtual events?

How do you start the conversation about getting paid with an event organizer?

If you’re the one asking an event organizer to speak, how do you then ask to be paid?

If you ask for money, will you risk losing the opportunity?

Is it worth working with an agent?

How can I find speaking opportunities?

Does having a book help you get more speaking gigs?

If you have a video of your talk online, is that like giving away your work?

Why is it so important to get paid to speak?



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