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What I Learned While In Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

First, I’m not a therapist. Anything you read below is my own experience, not to be taken as advice.

Second, issues from my childhood and younger years aren’t something I’ll talk about here. While I’ve written about some traumatic events from my past — which most certainly contributed to my anxiety and depression — my specific life experiences really don’t matter, nor do yours. As I’ve learned from talking to countless others in the program, when the result is anxiety or depression, there are universal skills you can apply to…




Founded & edited by author/journalist/memoir coach Christine Wolf, Women This Way is a digital magazine capturing all the inspiring ways that women navigate life. Please direct submission inquiries to christine@christinewolf.com.

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Christine Wolf

Christine Wolf

Memoir Coach. Author. Journalist. Marathoner. Lover of emotions, words & spicy nachos. Grateful you’re here. Twitter/Insta @tinywolf1. www.christinewolf.com

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