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🔔Ding, Ding, Ding…. Story Time!

Hope your long weekend is relaxing as well as productive.

This week we are bringing you the story of our vivacious, enthusiastic teammate: Chandni Pandya.

A little bit about her!

Chandni: I am a full-time dreamer, marketer, and an artist. A Content Marketer by profession while deepening my roots as a content creator. Apart from this, I love reading, learning, and exploring the topic of health and fitness, sometimes I try doing it. I love the process of creating things, be it a video, blog, or some random DIY pot or dreamcatcher. I love people, life, and the world we are living in.

How she started her journey:

Chandni: Every new beginning is not necessarily exciting. And mine definitely wasn’t. My beginning came disguised as a failure. And it took me a while to understand that but eventually I did. I failed my final academics exams. And then everything you can imagine happened to me. Stress, no motivation, fear of missing out, future tensions, worried about people laughing and judging, and whatnot!

However, during all these extremes, I had my family, friends, and my boyfriend with me. I went through all the phases of failure and then one day, I decided to stop being a failure. I started doing a course in IT because that was one thing I knew I was good at. Meanwhile, I got a chance to work with one IT company as an intern. I didn’t know how much I would get paid but the bug inside of me said yes because I knew I would do and learn something there. I still remember how happy I was when I got my first stipend.

Funny thing, when I was getting trained to become a QA at this IT company, I discovered Digital Marketing and I loved it! This was the moment I was waiting for. So, I made a shift and started as an executive. Since then it has been quite a journey where I discovered writing, marketing, the power of words, and decided to continue in this direction. While working as an executive, I finished my bachelor's in computer science externally with flying colors.

It’s never about how many times you fall, it’s all about how you dust yourself off and begin again. Amazed how our true calling comes and finds us out of nowhere. We are glad you made it through tough times and today, we have an amazing teammate like you who tries really hard to feed us all the green things in the world. [we are not kidding]

Her Inspiration!

Chandni: My gut feeling. To be honest, I had no benefits or got any help from anyone except my family. But, I knew that failures are just here to test my abilities and that kept me going. I strongly believe that if we dream the life we want, believe in it, and take actions accordingly ANYTHING is possible.

The power of manifestation — we are right there with you Chandni!

Her Vision!

Chandni: For a long time, I let my work and exam scores define me but I’ve learned that they don’t matter and definitely, don’t define us. Having learned that, I made sure to live life largely, love more, travel enough [every 3 months :p], and make memories that I will cherish forever. Of course, I worked very hard, gave interviews, changed my job two times, and most importantly tried to learn every day. The vision is to maintain this balance and keep going.

What inspired her to start this journey!

Chandni: My parents. I was a bright kid in school. So, even when I failed, they taught me that that was just a bad phase that will pass and it did. They told me not to worry and just do whatever makes me happy. They’ve been my rocks and constants throughout have inspired me to be who I am today!

Having the right support definitely helps us through dark times.

Simple pleasures she enjoys!

Chandni: I love sunset, occasionally I make videos on youtube on health and fitness, cleaning (like Monica), creating DIY stuff. In short, the things that make me happy.

Oh yes! We have seen your Monica side in the office. Hahaha… And our sunset terrace dates :)

Her message for young girls/women trying to achieve their dreams against all odds!

Chandni: Just do it!!! Don’t worry if it is not the way others want it to be. Remember that failure is your biggest teacher so learn what it’s teaching you and move forward with a smile. Always!

Nothing teaches us better than our failures. Just stay the course. You will eventually find your ways and your passion.

Our key takeaway:

It’s all about how you want to feel. If you feel pity for yourself, then others will do the same. So might as well feel like a superwoman so that others treat you the same. Try and be aware of the choices you are making and then, take control of your life by changing one small thing at a time. Small wins are life-changing and Chandni is just the right example for it!

That’s a wrap for this week! We will be back next week with another inspirational woman and her journey. Or maybe an inspirational man?👀

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Writer’s note: This story is written in collaboration with Hiral Thaker.

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Women Who Inspire Us!

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