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4 min readOct 12, 2020


Hi, Fellas!

Women Who Inspire Us is here with another wonder woman and her journey that’ll not only inspire you, but would also make you make want to jump out of your bed and start working towards achieving your dream.

So, let’s see who our wonder woman: Priyal Jain is!

Priyal: I am a UI developer and keen to learn new things, explore new technologies and challenges. Also, love to contribute to open source communities. Tech enthusiast, community lover, dreamer, and achiever.

Her Journey!

Priyal: I am graduated from IET-DAVV, 2018 batch with a degree in Computer Engineering. My journey started right after my graduation when I decided that I wanted to do something on my own apart from college placements as I never wanted to be a system support engineer. It just didn’t align with my interests and this is where I decided to be a UI developer.

I hopped from an internship of 3 months to a job where I only worked for 6 months as it wasn’t challenging enough or rewarding enough and I wasn’t learning the things that I wanted. So, in just 6 months without serving the notice period which might seem like the wrong thing to do but I didn’t care about the documents, I cared about my learning new things, my interest in UI, and being challenged. I have always wanted more, wanted to do more, and this insatiable hunger to learn, be, and do have served me and my journey well.

Soon after leaving that company, I joined a startup as an AngularJS Developer where I learned a lot from the projects and work I was assigned. I was exposed to a great deal of challenges and opportunities which helped me shape up and get ready for the future.

Then the most amazing thing happened when I was onboarded as Women Techmakers Ambassador at GDG Cloud Indore. This opportunity proved to be very rewarding and as I was exposed to more things, I decided to leave my comfort zone of working for that startup.

Here’s a sneak peek into her #DevFest story:

I decided to challenge myself and again joined another startup recently because frankly speaking the perks of working for a startup are too many; you get to learn new things, wear different hats, you grow at an astonishing pace, and more importantly, you are challenged in a way you thought you would. You develop the skills that are necessary for your role without even knowing you needed those skills.

I am definitely looking forward to working with this startup and learn from the amazing people.

Her Inspiration!

Priyal: I think passion is the main key that helps accomplish your goals and dreams. Also, how you perceive the challenges that life throws at you also defines the outcome. Just look at challenges as the lessons that you need to learn and grow from them. This mindset has always helped me and inspired me to take on more challenges and as a result, has also gifted me with some wonderful opportunities.

Her Support System!

My dad has been my support system and my biggest inspiration throughout my life. He has always been there for me and encouraged me to achieve all the things that I have achieved to date. All my good traits; hardworking, dedication, focus, risk taking, have been ingrained by him throughout my childhood and teenage. So, I am grateful for him and I can never thank him for what he has done for me.

Simple things she loves!

I love listening to music that makes pumps more life and awesomeness inside of you.

Her message to all the girls and women!

Never give up or compromise on your dreams. Never settle for anything less than what you wanted at the beginning. If you really want to do something, do it with all your heart. The path may be difficult but the journey and the destination are always worth the hardships. Also, be smart about your goal — set small targets and work towards them until you’ve achieved the big one.

Just don’t give up!

That’s a wrap! We will be back next week with another inspirational woman and her journey. Or maybe an inspirational man?👀

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Writer’s note: This story is written in collaboration with Hiral Thaker.

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