We are now 27 followers and 790 claps strong!

Women Who Inspire Us!
4 min readSep 13, 2020


We are now 27 followers and 790 claps strong. This might not seem much but it’s the start of something big for us. A journey that we’ve set out on to create a space for women to come together and talk about their journeys, their careers, their choices, and how they become the person who they are today.

We’ve missed the last two weeks of Women Who Inspire Us because frankly, Hiral and I, we both were burnt out because of our work and just wanted to spend some ‘me’ days relaxing, reading and watching movies, and doing the things we love so that we can function properly for next few months, at least.

But we didn’t just relax, we planned our next steps for Women Who Inspire Us and the platform we are trying to create and jotted down the vision behind it and we are going to share all that with you soon but before we do that, we decided to first celebrate the last 6 women from whom we learnt so many things.

Hence, this week rather than coming up with a new interview we decided to take you behind the scenes.

This publication started out as a random conversation between two colleagues over a cup of chai (tea) during the break hour. We were just discussing the representation of women in leadership, tech, and at work in general. I had read this interesting piece about how a woman was vetted for a leadership position but wasn’t given the job because she was well ‘not as aggressive’ as the position demanded. And this led to her losing the confidence which she needed to apply to similar positions. Then life happened to her and she gave birth, had to take a sabbatical and when she tried to return to work, most of the companies rejected her just because she had not worked for 6–8 years.

That was it for her. She decided she’ll start her own business and has successfully grown her business to millions in revenue and is considered a very effective leader in fact. I don’t remember the specifics but this is what the gist was.

And while actually articulating this story to my colleague, I realized that this is what the gist is going to be for every woman’s career. We’ll always be defined as ‘not too aggressive’ or ‘bossy’ or we’ll have to take sabbaticals and when we want to come back, well be denied the opportunities.

So, what can be done to not let this be the story of our professional lives? Or lives in general?

How do we get the justice and equality that’s long overdue?

By empowering women and letting them know of the great things they are capable of and by setting examples for them.

And this is where it struck Hiral, that let’s write about the women we idolize and their stories and what they’ve accomplished to inspire more girls and women about the things that they can do with the right intention and determination.

We all know the stories of Oprah Winfrey, Priyanka Chopra, or many other well-known women. But, we seldom give praise or appreciate the hard work and achievements of the woman staying next door to us or our colleague. We never know their journey and this is all we wanted to do.

So, today here we are, every weekend with stories that not only inspires you, but motivates us as well to become better versions of ourselves and create an example for women so they can live up to their potential.

We are going to reach out to the real women of our society, give them a platform to shine, share their journey, and inspire thousand other women like them to realize the lives they’ve imagined for themselves.

We are 790 claps and 27 followers strong and we are going to take this to the next level by starting a small community on Instagram with an aim to share curated content, network with powerful women, share job opportunities, vent about period cramps, and have a fun chat about anything and everything.

Over time we hope to grow together, share meaningful insights with each other, and lift each other up.

You can join us by clicking on this link: https://www.instagram.com/_womenwhoinspire_/

Looking forward to seeing you all there! We hope we get the same love we’ve gotten in the past few months!

Au revoir pour le moment!



Women Who Inspire Us!

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